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Even though my local Books-A-Million stopped carrying singular issues of comic for a while now, I was surprise to see this issue amongst the magazine rack.  

Issue #245 starts off with Homer getting a HUGE deal from Mr. Burns, getting loads of cash, while Marge and kids are at the mall, Marge treating them with special gifts for being so good recently.
Lisa gets a new book.
Bart gets a new Slingshot.
And Maggie gets a pet bunny... discounted due to being a mutant animal from where the Power Plant dump's it waste in the nearby stream....They name the bunny "Bongo" because it seems to target Bongo brand comics.

Then the family visit Mr Burns to learn more about this deal he has for Homer

Yes... Mr Burns knows Maggie's full name... but not Homers....

The rest of the issue comes full circle from the very first one, where Homer grows into a giant.

The rabbit grows big, and wouldn't you know it, the VERY canon fact that Bongo Publishing office is located in Springfield's downtown district, which of course sends the rabbit into a frenzy.

Maggie manages to calm Bongo down with a hug. The two then end up in a field, familiar to Bongo...

Maggie leaves her bunny behind to be with its family. However, the whole ordeal ruins the money deal with Burnsie and Homer, the later lamenting how he wanted to treat the family to Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes.

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Cute, making the final issue a Life in Hell reference.


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