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(He'd got it saving the Joker's life.)

The wound wouldn't close, despite Alfred's best efforts.

" The Stag's ancient sickness will creep. " said the Shadow.

" The strike will kill him in time..

" Batman is dead. "

Batman was on his feet, pointing out something about the Stag (whom he'd slipped a tracker on), who'd been seemingly shot by the GCPD, whose body was being taken away-

- at the same time he was getting the Joker out of the hospital.

" .. the Stag isn't immortal, Shadow..

" He's more than one person.

" You've been fighting an army. "

The Shadow and Batman took off to bring the fight to them.

The former admonished the latter.

" If you'd learned from me, punished crime instead of coddling it..

(This began with the death of the modern-day Lamont Cranston, and the Shadow revealing himself to have been Henri Ducard.)

They descended into a hole.

(Windy place.)

" Wrong again, Margo. "

The Shadow and Batman stepped in, pairing off with their respective enemies.

" Oh.

" Hey. "

" Don't you see what this is, Joker? "

" Ancient dark arts up for grabs? You angry we didn't bring enough for everybody? "

(The glowing's from Batman's Bat-Armature, which is allowing him to exert his wounded body.)

(I love how each of them had their own ideas about their horns.)

Batman and the Shadow overcame them.

They went after the Joker and the Stag, to stop them from opening the door to Shamba-La with the Stag's key of souls.

They were too late.

" He's burning it to the ground. "

(Pagecount's 7 and under 3/20ths of 22 from Batman/the Shadow #5 back in 2017.)
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