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What any ordinary homemaker has never imagined...

She's like a mix of Tinker-Bell, a porn-star, and Aunt May (?)

Also, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 news. And now....I BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!

Psylocke, Blade, and Cyclops have been confirmed for the Wii.

I am very mixed about this. I mean, I was so leaning towards the 360 version (seeing as how it has better graphics and I own MUA1 for 360. that Cyclops and Psylocke have FINALLY made way into the game*...I don't know which version to buy!

* One of the developers stated that Betsy and Slim were originally going to be playable in the first game, but due to time constraints, they were scrapped, instead appearing in Doom's Castle.

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I prefer the news today I learned. WE GOT HOBGOBLIN! HOBGOBLIN!!! As one of Norman's alternate costumes. BUT STILL!!


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Ooh, awesome! That's the sucky Secret War-Hobby but still yay! That's basically the equivalent of Beta Ray Bill in the last game. Who'd want to play as Thor/Norman (no disrespect to Thor) when you can be Beta Ray Bill/Hobgoblin?!

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Isn't Alliance 2 supposed to be based off of Civil War? How does Blade fit into Civil War?

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The game is clearly not sticing to just the civil war storyline. Especially since Phoenix (Jean Grey) is right there on Cap's side.

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This is just a hunch, but I'd say he'd be fighting for the North.

I'll show myself out.

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Wait, there is no PC version of Ultimate alliance 2?

What the fuck? MUA 1 was for the PC!

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I KNOW! How stupid is that?! *EYETWITCH*

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maybe they've got the same mindset as the people behind Gears of War. Epic Games was afraid of piracy affecting their sales (or something along those lines) so they stuck to the XBox. yeah, because there's no piracy at all for the 360.

Possibly because for MUA1

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I think they're trying to avoid people hacking the game, and creating lots of other Marvel character skins for themselves. As this was done for some lucky folk who then got to play it using other characters like Punisher, Namor, Dazzler etc, etc. As well as quite frankly better designed versions of the game's playable characters. (The Hulk in particular looked much more like his comic counterparts..)

Guess they're a bit touchy about other people improving their game.. (Shrugs..):(

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So Songbird becomes Songbutterfly?
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That's her "undercover" outfit from the Fabian Nicieza years, isn't it?

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I don't know, I gave up on the FabNic Thunderbolts fairly quickly.

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it was. She never did the buterfly wings though.

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Now I hope Beast and Iceman are in the game, so that you can have an X-men:First class team.

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Jean will need her telekinesis for those giant jugs.

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Lol, I was thinking the same thing. Good lord...

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Needs moar Elektra.

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Oh boy, what's the perfect way to piss off the fanbase? Have system-exclusive characters, of course.

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And all those photos look like something out of Poser. Poser. Yech. :(

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I hate it because it can't play PS2 games, but that's another topic. :P

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I'm still holding out for them to make a backwards-compatible version once the PS2 stops selling well.

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I can't figure out what's so hard about just owning and playing a damn PS2. I even still have a perfectly functional PS1 that I play all the time.

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I have a SNES in the cupboard that still works fine, and I'll need a lot of convincing to give up my PS2.

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Awww, mine's in my sister's basement 900 miles away and now you're making me want to dig up A Link To the Past.

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Aladdin was the first game I got for it, but my favourites remain, "Batman, Animated" and "Super Parodius ()" (a terrifying insight into the Japanese subconscious)

Thread Officially Hijacked

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Heh, I had Aladdin. But I'm always going to be all over Final Fantasy II & III (it's so hard for me not to call them IV and VI nowadays), Illusion Of Gaia, I the only one who ever played and loved Paladin's Quest?

Shit, I'm gonna be booting up my emulator in five seconds.

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Depends on when you bought your system. Mine plays all PS1 games and I believe all PS2 games, its the Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition though.

Yeah, I'm annoyed all right..

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There are about a half dozen characters I'd gladly give up to have a playable Cyclops on the 360, as he was by far my favourite playable character on the original game. (His powered up richochet blast was just SOOOO much fun..)

I'd certainly swap him for Juggernaught in a heart beat. (Not that I can even get that character, as pre-ordering the game from an American company doen't exactly work if you're in the UK and end up with a game set up for the wrong region!..Damn exclusives!)

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My original Marvel Alliance got stuck on that damn 'PUSH THE FRIDGE OVER THE EDGE INTO THE GLASS FLOOR' action. Not being able to play past the bug pissed me off so much I doubt I'll ever play this franchise again.


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When playing with my little brother we once got stuck at that bit when we somehow accidently destroyed the 'fridge.' But the next time we played it we avoided doing that, and it's worked fine ever since.

If it was a bug however, I'd have taken the game back, amd exchanged it for another one, in case it was maybe something wrong with your copy. Because I've played this on PS2, X-Box and X-box 360 and with the exception of the one example above, it always works fine.

Shame that you're missing out on the rest of the game. The first couple of levels wre so so, but atlantis, murderworld, asgard, and galactus on the skrull homeworld levels were all sorts of fun. And for my money, MUA 1 was way better that the x-men games that preceded it..

Re: Really?

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It was flaky the minute I first started it, possibly due to old computer. I didn't try it again til years later when I got a new computer. Was never impressed by the action and I'm not that great a player. Which is probably why I didn't try to restart and play up to that point again to see if I could get past it.

The story did seem interesting, but City of Heroes blows the graphics out the water and I get active support for bugs.:/

Re: Really?

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Ohh the PC version..Never did play it on that. So I guess it could have been all kinds of messed up, if it didn't like your computer specs..

The storyline was what kept me playing through to the end though, as there was a lot of good character interplay along the way. (With a pleasingly old school Marvel comics vibe to it.)

The new one though, despite the better graphics seems firmly entrenched in civil war, ( which I have reservations about) and Bendis's Secret War. (Which I absolutely hated..) so I'm not holding out a lot of hope for it topping the last game. :(

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The Xbox 360 has two downloadable character packs for MUA1. Cyclops is in the Hero Pack, along with Nightcrawler. (The Villain Pack has Dr. Doom, even though he's the villain... Obviously, one is a Doombot.) They could release character packs for MUA2 as well.


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If you get to the climax using Doom in the final level, it turns out that it was'nt a Doombot, and that the Doom you're playing with is time travelling inorder to stop his other self wrecking the universe with the Odin power.

Which was a fun conversation!

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So I checked out the games website and Iron Fist and Venom are playable characters too. Woohoo! Also Penace... that'll be... interesting.

Also they say that Jean Grey could be either pro- or antiregistration. Somehow I really really can't see her on the pro-side. And now I want a what-if where Phoenix returned during Civil War and wipes out the pro-side.