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A somewhat belated post of four scans from Dark Reign: Elektra #5, which my store didn't get last week for whatever reason.

The story has followed Elektra ever since she returned from the Skrulls, as she finds herself dodging assassins who keep asking her about whether "the stars are safe in the sky".  She has no idea what this means, but she eventually follows one of the people targetting her back to base.  Turns out that her enemies are a group of ex-SHIELD agents, the survivors of the crash of the helicarrer Blackhawk (from "Wolverine: Enemy of the State"; this story turns out to be almost a direct sequel).  Those who recall that story will know that Elektra was hired by Nick Fury to infiltrate the Hand, and in the process the Blackhawk was brought down, killing over 200 agents.

Elektra doesn't remember any of this, and says that Skrullektra must have been the one who did it.  However, they're interrupted by Norman Osborn, who tells her that based on his Skrull prisoners' testimony, it was her; she doesn't remember because she used a ninja mind-trick to forget all the details around her various resurrections (which was what the Skrulls were looking for), including the one that came soon after the Blackhawk crash.  She undoes said mind trick to remember what happened, and flashes back to killing her way to the carrier cockpit.

Earlier she told Wolverine that she hadn't killed these guys because she believes she was innocent of their charges;  "If I had wronged them, I would simply kill them all."

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I figured that was what you meant, but I haven't followed Elektra in a long time, so I wasn't positive. I see I haven't missed much.


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