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Been a while since I did one of these. Here's the old ones:

Egg Fu/Dr. Chang Tzu
Angle Man
Dr. Poison

We start back in the Golden Age (I rescued two images of this from the old site, but none from the more complete telling of her origin)

Basically there's an ape running amock at the zoo, and Wonder Woman steps in.

And thus was born Giganta. She was a little on the tall side but far from the giant we know now, and she was created by Prof. Zool.

She re-appeared once in the Golden Age.

In the Silver Age we got a slightly different origin. This time around, Dr. Psycho was involved a little bit and had Prof. Zool turn Giganta into a person at gunpoint.




She re-appeared once in the Silver Age.

So, wrap your head around this one: prior to Superfriends, Giganta had appeared in only four comics. In fact, I think she had only 4 in total, pre-Crisis.

And now for Superfriends...

Well, it was very different from the character in the comics, for a start.

And it's where we first saw her ability to grow into a giant. I'll let wiki explain.

"it was revealed that Giganta was a normal woman who was horseriding when she witnessed Apache Chief using magic dust. The latter used it to grow larger so he could fight off a grizzly bear. Giganta stole the dust and used it on herself, gaining the ability to transform into a powerful, 50 foot tall giantess.

This origin becomes important later.

(As for her other well-known animated appearance... Justice League made her the sidekick of Gorilla Grodd, a Flash villain. Can't say I'm thrilled with that.)

Post-Crisis, Wonder Woman got really sick in Byrne's run (understandable), and ended up in a hospital.

Oh, and there was a silly DC Event going on, where everyone was having the will to live sucked right out of them (yup, a pretty typical comic book event).

Skip ahead a bit...

Zeul and her assistant apparently get away, and Diana ends up with other worries for a while.


Saved by a cop friend of Diana's (and that's all you need to know). So far everything makes sense, right? You're clear on her goals? Well hold on to your hats...

Zeul/Giganta vanishes for a while, then reappears in Phil Jimenez's run looking... really damn different, helping a bunch of female villains go on a rampage for no particularly good reason.

Oh, well, at least there's a little box saying things will all be explained, right? Yeeeeeah...

Diana (and Trevor Barnes) and up falling into another dimension, where they run into Giganta and some other villains. Giganta's basically the muscle.

The villains are calling themselves "Villainy, Inc" which is apparently the name of a Golden Age collection of Wonder Woman villains.
It's a name they supposedly chose for themselves, despite the fact that none of the villains seems like the sort to come up with a name like that.
Plus it's a really lame name.
For once I kinda agree with Trevor Barnes...

You know, when even the characters in the story are saying "that sounds stupid", your subconcious might be trying to tell you something.

Anyway, remember this?

Well here's what we were waiting for!

Yes, it's only one page long.
Yes, it's very very rushed and forced.
Yes, it did try to shoehorn in a reference to the Superfriends' origin of Giganta (told you it'd be important).
No, it really doesn't explain why Giganta, a brilliant scientist just looking for a way to survive a deadly illness, has decided to go around being an evil thug working for other villains. We never DO get an explanation, out of any writer. Jimenez dropped the ball, motivation-wise, and nobody ever picked it up.

The bad guys lose, of course.

And remember: that was the first time that a concious Diana has met Giganta.

After that, Giganta appeared as a mercenary villain in a (bad) Loeb-penned Superman/Batman story, where we learned that if you put together all of Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman's villains, it won't even slow down Batman and Superman.


Then we got this, by Johns/Rucka. Keep in mind, this is the second time Giganta ever met WW.

A JLA appearance...

Some Villains United stuff...

Then, OYL, she showed up in Wonder Woman again. It wasn't very flattering, IMHO, but then again Heinberg was writing it.

Man, that happens to her a LOT.

Later she gets taken out by Hercules, with relative ease.

And she fights Blue Beetle, as a mercenary working for Intergang, trying to kill one of their rivals.

skip ahead

And that's basically the state of Giganta when Gail Simone got her hands on the big girl... which is a subject for another time

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The original Giganta story is possibly the most crackiest comic book story ever. Trust me, a human "evolving" from a gorilla was the least of problems.


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