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Tales of Suspense

Four scans apiece from Captain America: Reborn #3 and Invincible Iron Man #18.

First off, in Reborn, Steve is still floating around in time.  Meanwhile, the nerd squad races to gather all the pieces of the puzzle:  Reed Richards heads to the North Pole to get Steve's body from Namor (how he knows about that, I'm not sure; maybe Tony told him at some point?  Might make sense post-SI, since Skrull-Pym and Jan were dead).

I quite enjoy Brubaker's Namor, from his brief appearances here and there. He clearly feels tremendously dishonoured by being unable to protect his body against temporal mechanics by engaging it in a fist-fight.

Hank tells Reed about Norman spilling the beans to the public about Sharon.  Sharon wants to turn herself in to save Bucky, but Hank and Natasha say she shouldn't, and that they'll get Bucky back themselves.  Sharon thinks they don't understand how she feels about the prospect of more people dying/whatever because of her.

Falcon raids the Thunderbolts transport taking Bucky to Thunderbolts Mountain, and proceeds to kick the shit out of most of them; Bucky, in the cell, gets a visitor:

Brubaker's doing a great job of integrating all these other characters into the story (he also seems to have appropriated Matt Fraction's caption-cards for them, though he just uses them to supply basic motivations, such as "Eric O'Grady: Regretting being a current Thunderbolt").  Bucky and Sam make their escape.  Hooray!  Except Sharon's gone and turned herself in.  Oops.

Meanwhile, as Steve journeys through time, he ends up in the Kree-Skrull War, and decides to make a tiny little alteration to the timestream to try and escape:

Over in Invincible Iron Man, the climax is finally in sight, and I can honestly say I didn't have any real complaints about this issue in terms of pacing.

First, in my favourite moment, Norman prepares for his upcoming performance:

The techie there is really good at his job, and has been instrumental in locating Stark and his allies in past issues (and now), but he really wishes he wasn't, because he's a holdover from SHIELD and isn't really evil or anything.

Hand is called away to watch as they cut open the remnants of the Crimson Dynamo armour they found at Tony's Russian lab, which turns out to contain Madame Masque.  Pepper, impersonating her, downloads some kind of virus into the computer system and all the armours stored on the Helicarrier (except, I think, the one Norman is wearing).



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He should go to Doom for tips on how to master that villanous elocution. As I'm sure Victor has spent many hours perfecting his 'Richards! cry of disgust!