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Ultimate Armor Wars #1

It's an article of faith on SD that everyone in the Ultimate Universe is a dick except Peter. It's untrue, of course; the UFF are all, if anything, kinder than their mainstream counterparts, and most of the X-Men are perfectly decent people. Then there's Ultimate Tony Stark.

There were a few things about today's Ultimate Armor Wars that jumped out at me that I thought I'd share.

Tony is going to his Manhattan office after the Ultimatum incident, where despite the water damage to the city, his basement laboratory complex has survived more or less intact. Inside, he finds not one but two jormungars infiltrators.


I get a kick out of the fact that Tony's reaction, upon learning that Justine has a fairly decent reason to be there, is to wish her luck and walk away.

Tony proceeds to get into a fight with the second infiltrator. Without being too spoilery - I do think this book's worth your money - Justine takes a shot at the infiltrator during the fight.


I guess what really interests me about Ellis's version of Ultimate Tony is the complete lack of alpha-male behavior. Tony's a genius, yes, and absolutely self-confident, but he also has almost none of 616 Tony's ego. He's laid-back to the point of being almost careless, because he can afford to be; he's so good at what he does that he can do whatever's required in five-minute bursts of competence.

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is the girl new? I know the other guy is an Ultimate version of a pre-existing character.

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Justine Hammer is a two bit marvel villain as 'Crimson Cowl' the third. Or Fourth. *lol*