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A gentleman would never kiss and tell.

Four scans from Mighty Avengers #29.

This issue continues with the approximately 200 subplots currently ongoing, including the one where Cassie finds out that Fake!Wanda is evil (well, she already knew that, but this is where she confirmed it), is magically cursed not to say anything, and manages to maneouvre the Young Avengers (and Ronin) into a fight with her without being able to explain why.

I had some issues with Slott's Cassie in some earlier issues, but she's been good in this story.


Eventually, Clint decides it may not be Wanda, and, with some help from Wiccan and Patriot, gets close enough to try his infallible detecting method:

Cassie finally gets to explain about the current Inhuman villain, and proclaims "Avengers Assemble" (by which she means: the New Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, the Young Avengers, the Initiative group, and even the Dark Avengers).

Other observations:

1)  I bet Clint finds any excuse to use that detection technique.

2)  I imagine someone will turn out some Clint/Wanda!Loki fic on the basis of that second page.

3)  Again, nice display of powers Wiccan, you managed to mess with a Norse God.

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I haven't really been reading this, but has this book had a regular artist for more than two issues? Didn't Stuart Immonen do the last issue?