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Cass is investigating the appearence of a new drug, called Soul, on the streets of Gotham, only to find that a bunch of criminals's girlfriends have banded together to form their own gang.

Unfortunately, one turns out to have superpowers and smacks Cass around in a way that causes Cass to OD on the drug they're pushing.
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This is what she hallucinates,
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Cass' representation of Bruce is the DCAU version? Okay, make sense. *laughs*

People are busy, so Barbara has to call someone she rather wouldn't on account of him hurting her feelings... I can't remember how though. Might have involved Huntress or Tarantula,
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Dinah's legs are in plaster due to events in Birds of Prey, a guy broke her legs and stuff.

Hallucinations continue,
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Oh, and those of you wanting Dick/Cass interaction (no not like that), here's some. Unfortunately Cass saw that Dick made Babs cry earlier, so isn't that happy to see him.
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That sort of thing was a kind of running joke in the series, considering this is what happened the second time Cass was drugged up...
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