Date: 2009-09-21 03:05 am (UTC)
Personally, as much as I respect the writers of that proposal (well, their Superman work anyway) if you complain that the Lois/Clark marriage is boring and your only solution is to make magically go away then that tells me you have no confidence in your own ability (never mind the past) to write a married couple. I'm not married but most of the adults I know are (or have been at one time) and marriage is NOT a dramatic dead-end. There are plenty of stories to tell and I actually think that Johns, Busiek and Rucka (who writes a very good Lois Lane) have written a Lois/Clark during the OYL era where Lois as Clark's sounding board in decisions and co-conspirator in keeping the "secret" are vitally important to the stories. So is her place among the pecking order in the Hero Communities civilian significant others.

Also in the pre-Crisis stories the love triangle they so want to create was between a Superman/Clark/Lois that no longer exists. Post-Crisis Superman is Clark first and Superman second. Pre-Crisis it was the other way around. The whole point of the romance post-reboot was to show that even though Lois was attracted to Superman, she eventually fell in love with Clark not knowing who he was. The "triangle" this proposal wanted harkens back to an era when that was not true.
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