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Zatanna. Sexy. Beautiful. Talented. Smart. The second best wearer of fishnets in the DCU. Obsession of Paul Dini.

But why can't the girl have a little happiness and find some true love? With today's post from [insanejournal.com profile] sailorlibra as inspiration, here's a look at some moments in Zatanna's search for the Magic of Love. Not dial-up friendly.

Poor Zee, she just seems to come up empty-hatted when it comes to love. It seems unfair. She's a magician. Can't she just conjure up someone?

Whoops. That's from the first issue of Zatanna/Seven Soldiers and she just conjured up a demon that will lead to her having some problems with her powers. I liked the whole series, but Zatanna's story is pretty great.

Or maybe she could find love with a childhood friend? I ADORED the arc in Batman (issues 840-845) she was featured in. [insanejournal.com profile] sailorlibra did a post on this but I'll include one panel here because I love it so.

"It's wearing a top hat." Classy, subtle, adorable. But despite her putting her self out there for Bruce, there are trust issues because of her mindswiping of Dr. Light. (Mini-rant here -- will she ever live this down? I fear that mindswipe and Zatanna will be associated for ever) And so she goes on her away.

But Zee hasn't always been as subtle. Here she is working her magic (another bad pun, as promised) in an issue of the Justice League Annual #2 when she was in the Detroit League. Let's see how she makes the moves on Danny Glover Dale Gunn (Vixen is also after him).

"Hey, I think I'll wear my see-through nightie and bring Danny Glover some cookies!"

I was waiting for her to say "So shall I call you for breakfast or just nudge you?
(Oh and that invisible person is Gypsy)

Yikes, cockblocked by Gypsy. Oh and look at Sue and Ralph. I totally think that they were in the middle of something when the alarm went off. Let's be glad it's just his neck that's elongated. ^^

You can't talk about Zee's love life without mention of John "Hellblazer" Constantine, her on- again, off-gain boyfriend and tantric sex partner.

I love that page, which is from Zatanna, Secret Origins. There is a slightly more graphic version which I am sure if you google hard enough you will find. You can practically hear the narrator's eyebrows wagging up and down as he says "most eager pupil." The first time I saw it, I cracked up laughing. And what is she doing with Hawkwoman and Hawkman? Hmmm. I would prefer Bruce and Selina if she was up for a threesome. (Or foursome. I am not sure the "double your pleasure, double your fun" Zee we see there is a part of her magic skills or just weird art.)

Oh, and with Constantine, she may have been "eager pupil", but I am not sure how memorable it was. (This is not my scan).

She forgot? Ouch! They'll run into each other again.

Zee also had a fling with Barry Allen. I don't know much about it other than this

And let's not forget Zee is in show business. So when not working with the Justice League, she does live the road life like any entertainer. (This is from "Everyday Magic" a one shot for Vertigo by Dini. It's very hard to find and goes for big $ on eBay. It is very cute.)

(He's not just a one night stand though, he comes back later in the issue. But then quickly leaves because Constantine is there. Foiled again, Zee!)

But maybe Zee wants to be loved just for her? Here's a two page story about her on a date which reminds me a little bit of the TV show "Bewitched." It's from a "Day of Judgement, Secret Files"

Aww, how cute. Not sure why she's wearing the tux on the date (and without the fishnets, although they will probably go on, and off again, when the get back to "ecalp reh").

Any others that you remember?

Right now Zee is apparently out of the JLA but will be getting her own book next year. So hopefully things will get better for her.

Date: 2009-09-21 08:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Pretty much. That saga is actually one of DC Comics' oldest crossovers. It's collected in a paperback called JLA: Zatanna's Quest.


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