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Randomness Week

If I am allowed I would like to kick off Randomness Week. Basically post any scans of a character saying the most non sequire (sp), random, unexpected thing ever. As an example I have this. (I have no idea how to do this so please show mercy)
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Jaime must have watched Buffy growing up.

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Yes, I was getting a very Xander, or perhaps Ron Stoppable, vibe from that! :)

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John Rogers now desperately needs to write an issue of BUFFY.

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The guy's a great VA, but I still say his Ron Stoppable voice was a very bad choice for Jaime Reyes.

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Yeah, it was a little... generic for the role. I certainly don't want a Speedy Gonzalez accent for Jaime, but someone who sounds like he might actually have some Mexican heritage might have been preferable.

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hell, just some Texas should be necessary