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Randomness Week - Starman

If we're doing random dialogue week, props have gotta be given to Starman of the current Justice Society title. With a mix of a time-traveler's future knowledge, the inappropriate timing of the mentally ill, and word salad phrasing, he can be a joy to read.

Here are two pages from Justice Society of America #2. Context: Mr. America's dead body has just crashed through the skylight and landed on the JSA conference table in the middle of a meeting; the JSA does not at this point know very much about its new Starman.

It's worth noting that while Starman's riddle to Power Girl is out of place here, it's not inaccurate - she goes dimension-bopping courtesy of Gog in the JSA Annual, which I thought was posted here but I can't find via the tags. :\

Just goes to show, "random" does not necessarily equal "stupid."

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Third grade science, eh?

Reminds me of how Abra Kadabra figured out Impulse's plan to create a speed sapping device to drain Bart Allen's Speed Force: in the 64th century, they teach the complex math used to model the device's function in 6th grade.

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Man, I loved Johns's Starman.

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Holy crap, a halfway tolerable take on Peej's costume! I had totally forgotten that was even possible!

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I like that she's really muscular. I mean, Peej should be LARGE!

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Well, he IS from the 30th century.

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And then all the LoSH fans spazzed out over him saying "Kenz Nuhor". Or wait, was that just me? It may have been just me.

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Is that the cosmic treadmill at the top of the chalkboard?

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Why is Starman creating an ANTIgravity field? His power was always to INcrease gravity, not DEcrease it, that was Light Lass/Gossamer's power.

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