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Jason and Dick chat

A moment between these two that doesn't involve either getting their junk punched.

I don't know about you, but I would say this is a clear anti-hero moment for Jason. (And then along came ... well, you know.)

From Outsiders 44 & 45. Eight scans.

 Is that last panel pretty much a slasher's fantasy or what?

As written by Winick, pre- BftC, (obviously, since now Jason eats babies or the souls of young cherubic children or something.)

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When the whole point of the Death In The Family storyline would have been, if Jay lived, that Jay got over his ruthlessness.

But he didn't live. He died violently. That's the kind of thing that's likely to change a character's trajectory. So yeah, not seeing the problem, even if Winick Jason is STILL more extreme than I'd like to see.