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Mythapalooza (Volume III)

Four scans apiece from this week's Thor #603 (the time between releases has led this series to attain a quasi-mythic status all its own) and Wonder Woman #36.

In case you've forgotten, last time on Thor:

Sif's back; everyone in Asgard is an easily-duped moron, most especially Balder; Loki and Dr. Doom are up to no good; Bill abandoned everything to chase after Kelda.

First, we check in with Thor/Donald and Sif.  While they figure out their next move, Sif needs a place to stay.

The cat is a Loki-camera; he laughs, and assumes that Mr. Sooner filed the form under "H for Harlot".

Loki then goes about his latest evil schemes:  Doom is readying a squad of Doombots to kill Blake (instantly, before he can transform), and Loki delivers up a few Asgardians for Doom to vivisect alive in order to research immortality for himself (Doom is impressed that the brain can function for about five minutes after the heart is removed).

Meanwhile, Bill's still the only person around who isn't a moron, and is convinced that Loki is up to no good, while Kelda talks about other stuff (for example, the coat Bill is wearing is made of unicorn fur; apparently, the Asgardians hunted them to extinction, unaware there were so few of them).  Kelda makes yet another insinuation that she wants Bill to fuck her.

That dialogue bit at the bottom there is Loki chatting up Vivisection Subject #1 before abducting him.

Aw, that's sweet, but, Kelda, you do know there's no reason you couldn't go too, right?  You might be useful.

Like maybe you could have stopped this:


If Bill survives this, I propose that be be Lord of Asgard, because neither Thor nor Balder have to this point exhibited the cognitive functions that should be necessary to do the job.

Meanwhile, over in Wonder Woman, further developments in the romance of the century, Achilles and Alkyone.

What about a swan?  Duck?  Shower of rain?

I find Achilles' characterization so far a bit confusing; at various points other people act like he's the mythical Achilles, and he himself later claims that he was considered "the greatest warrior who ever lived" - but nothing about how this guy acts suggests he has decades of life experience.  Is he actually a new being but is running with the other explanation to mask his inexperience?

Diana spends most of the issue narrating how Tom turned her down (to Giganta, of all people), then gets called by Pele telling her that Zeus's new champion is on the move.  Wondy arrives on the scene of an impending invasion of one unnamed country by another larger one; the Olympians are here to prevent it, she's here to prevent them from killing soldiers on both sides.  Somewhat inexplicably, Giganta agreed to go along with Diana, and a fight breaks out.

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If Bill goes down, he will go down as a warrior poet.

It's sad. I am BILL/KELDA 4EVA but the last thing I want to see is some other writer get their "EXTREEEEEEEME" hands on them and give me another Mary Jane Bitches Out Spider-Man For Things She Never Was Upset At Him For.

So give him a glorious final battle, if it will leave him uncorruptable.

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That would be a glorious end to a great character...
...if he'd stay dead of course.

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Dont underestimate the power of bad writing.
It caused dr Strange's head to explode and a winged teenager to fly underwater.

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Good point. The large number of ressurections (quite a few undoing very good death scenes) have left me cynical. But the chances of reviving Bill are indeed slimmer than, lets say, bringing back Iron Man were he to die.

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Ever since the 'Midnighter' mini took just enough time out to go back and ruin one of the most interesting and unique moments to come out of 'Authority' for no real reason, I don't trust writers. It's probably my least favorite part of shared continuity.

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Unicorns have purifying and healing properties, a unicorn cloak might be able to heal otherwise lethal wounds.

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Ha! I was wondering about that myself.