Date: 2009-10-04 11:21 am (UTC)
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You have no idea how many people at newsarama didn't know 'supergirl:cosmic adventures' existed. People were going gaga over wednesday comics and an all ages supergirl with silver age sensibilities and how that could be an 'all-star supergirl' but didn't even know that 10 months ago DC were publishing one. I think some just skip over the all-ages solicits for starters. I know my local store have all ages with the regular titles so it would be (Titans, Teen Titans, Tiny Titans) (Legion of Super-heroes, final crisis:legion of three worlds, legion of super-heroes in the 31st century) (superman, supergirl, supergirl/superman:maelstrom, action comics, supergirl:cosmic adventures, superfriends) because they realise if a person is picking up 2 or three already they will pick up another at a lower price point. There are months I can't buy all-ages titles in my local store because they are gone by the time I get there.


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