More Fun with Super-Pica

Found this in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #1, and it jumped right out at me after reading these posts. One page, not my scan. No writing or art credits on the issue, but it looks like Kurt Schaffenberger to me.

I love it when Clark winks at the fourth wall like that.

Positive Comics Week - Clark/Lois edition

A panel of Silver-Age Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane Clark and Lois actually getting along and bonus jealous!Clark.

If there's any old Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane story people want to see, just ask and I'll post (a third) of them.

Lois Lane #55: "Superman's Secret Wife!"

I have a feeling this particular well of Superdickery has a well-beaten path between it and the Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane offices. But... damn.

Challenge! Can you guess who is... "SUPERMAN`S SECRET WIFE!"

Can you guess? CAN YOU?! )

Clois Week: NOT theWedding Album

Another one page glimpse of "married life" for Lois & Clark in the Silver Age. 

I present: Lois as dutiful housewife. Seriously.

Context is for the Weak: Lois Lane #111

Public Service Announcement: Rape is never a joke. It is a violent crime and certainly not funny.

..........But a comic page that looks like it's implying rape from a cracky story in Lois Lane #111 can be freakin' hilarious.