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Today I thought that I'd start a brief look at Matt Wagner's series based on the then relatively obscure character, the titular Madame Xanadu.

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Much to my surprise, I see that we don't have much of this quintessentially awesome issue of Brave and the Bold on s_d, where Batman teams up with... well, ALL his Robins. And in true Brave and the Bold fashion, they happily break the laws of continuity if they think it'd be FUN! :)

The preview pages were posted last November, but since then, nothing.

Now it could be down to the fact it was the very devil to find in the shops, it took me months to find a copy in my neck of the woods, and by the time I did I think I must have assumed it had been posted already, but apparently not.

I considered this for a "One Perfect Moment" post, but couldn't pick one within my own rules of the thing (one scene, no more than two pages), so decide to make this a more general crowning moment of Awesome for the concept of Robin-inity.

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Okay so, in the DC New 52 FCBD (Free Comic Book day for the uninitiated) Issue, it was revealed who the Trinity of Sin are.

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Sadly, we're into the home stretch on this charming little series, but it ends on something of a high note, as a six year old goes to hell.

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As of today, the Blackest Night revival of Phantom Stranger is now a month old, and therefore no longer a recent comic. I figured this is the perfect occasion for sharing the as-yet unposted tie-in.

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Now this is one of my most favorite Batman stories of all time, probably my fave if you ever asked me even. Alternate universes and Batman can often feel forced but as it was setup here it was just plain beautiful.

I beg you to wonder. Could even Batman stop the murder of the Waynes?

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Took this from Phantom Stranger 41, second volume, because I can't seem to find the first volume, and 41 was the end of the second volume, so hey!

Bonus Deadman, as well. The Phantom Stranger story is only 12 pages, so only 4 pages are posted.Read more... )
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As everyone knows, I absolutely adore the Phantom Stranger. He's a pretty cool dude.

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