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After the nonstop epic of the previous comic strips, we get a fresh start with the introduction of Dick Grayson in this continuity.

I have pretty much no commentary nor insights to offer here, as it's the one story in which I have the least interest, but I'm posting it here both for the sake of completeness and for the Dick fans. It's a standalone story with no references to the previous arcs, as will be the next part. After that, the grand finale with the Mad Hatter in Arkham.

A slightly different take on the usual Robin origin, behind the cut... )
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Previous installments: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4

Contrary to what some might say, madness is not like gravity. It doesn't take "a little push" or "one bad day" to drive a person insane. What I've loved about this Batman strip is that Harvey Dent's road to Two-Face is a long one, spaced out over the course of four storylines so gradually and logically that it's hard to say just when he's crossed the point of no return. This goes for even after the acid hits.

The grand unveiling, behind the cut... )

But the story's not over yet. Coming up next, a brand-new, Harvey-free storyline: the origin of Robin! Ain't that always how it goes with friends, Bruce? You win some, you lose some.
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Previous installments: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

I should have mentioned it in the last entry, but we're now in the middle of a trilogy of sorts, with today's entry being part two of a continuous storyline within the comic strip started in the previous storyline. But it could just as easily be argued that it's all one big story: that of Harvey Dent's rise, fall, rise again, and...?

I think it's fair to say that Harvey is the true protagonist because he's the only one who really changes, and not just in ways you'd expect from the character who becomes Two-Face. Even when he disappears and we get standalone story arcs about Robin's origin (followed by the Most Pathetic Riddler Story Ever), the final storyline still comes right back to Harvey. Obviously, that's why I love it so much.

So with that said, this storyline is the hardest for me to take. This is the point where Harvey crosses a line, and Bruce--for whatever reason--decides to not step in, but actively oppose his supposed best friend. Do the characters have justified reasons? Absolutely. Do I like it? Of course not. Does it work within the context of the story? You be the judge (pun not intended, I swear).

The people of Gotham City (ostensibly represented by Harvey Dent) versus the Joker, behind the cut... )

Coming up next... well, do I really need to say it?
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With original writer and creative mastermind Max Allan Collins forced off the Batman strip by dickwad editors, the new creative team of William Messner-Loebs (The Flash, The Maxx), Carmine Infantino (Silver Age legend, co-creator of Barry Allen and Elongated Man), and John Nyberg (The Flash, Doom 2099) took over for the rest of its run.

Here's where things start getting interesting when it comes to Harvey Dent, seen only briefly in Collins' first storyline as a stuffy bureaucratic who resents Batman and fears that the vigilante's actions could result in lawsuits against the city. Under Messner-Loebs, Harvey becomes a full-on supporting character, not just as District Attorney and antagonist for Batman, but also as Bruce Wayne's best friend... two years *before* BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Until that show, it seemed that no one had ever written Bruce and Harvey as being friends. Batman, yes, but not Bruce Wayne. But this strip did it first, and I can't help but think that Dini, Timm, and company read this strip as it came out.

What I love about this Harvey Dent is that he isn't a saint, but he isn't corrupt either. He isn't a guy with anger issues consumed by his obsession with the mob, nor is he the White Knight of Gotham. This actually may be the most human-sized take on the character before he becomes Two-Face, decidedly different from the festering ball of pain we usually see (my favorite version).

Oh, and it also features some new criminal guy named the Penguin, but I'm sure he's not all THAT important... )
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Hello, S_D. It's been a while. Sorry about that.

Recently, I picked up a TPB entitled "Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told." It's entirely devoted to Barbara Gordon's time as Batgirl. It contains a mix of stories from 1967-1977 as well as a couple from '97 and '98. (The latter being flashbacks to her post-Crisis early career.) I'd be happy to share any other stories from the book if people are interested, but for now I'll just cover the first one, "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl".

I've uploaded high-res scans to flickr. Here's the full batch. For those not familiar with the exact workings of flickr, you can click any thumbnail to see a larger version (duh), but once you've done that, you can right-click that image and choose "original" to see the full-size scan.

Actually, before I get to the story, I wanted to talk about the cover:

Something about that face... )

With that out of the way, let's get to the story! Starting with a coincidence that left my jaw on the floor.

About 5 pages out of 16 )

Thoughts? Reactions? And any requests for more stories from the book?
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Thought I'd share some rather fun/disturbing/freaky Silver Age Flash covers with you, as well as some exciting music news

Yes, this cover IS as disturbing as you think it is

Click the link to see embiggened and more! )

Lovers of Shirley Walker music rejoice! )

Suggested tags: creator: carmine infantino, char: flash/barry allen, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, title: the flash, publisher: dc comics
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Reading this book is much fun. the dialog is very edgy and to the point.


group: Dial H for Hero,Title: Adventure comics,creator: Carmine Infantino

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Fun idea for a book . I think DC should bring it back. This version is from the 80's reader could create heroes and mail them in ,winner appeared in the book. I can only imagine how many large breasted slutty costumes heroines sprang from the minds of 13 year-old boys...

Tags Group: Dial H for hero,Title: Adventure Comics, creator: Carmine Infantino
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When Carmine Infantino was put in charge of revitalising the look of the sales-depressed Batman titles in 1964, he essentially redesigned the Bat-verse; the oval around the bat-symbol being the most obvious change on Batman, but from this communities POV the biggest change was that Dick Grayson was FINALLY allowed to age a little, from the perennially, pointy-banged 13 year old, to a young man of 15 or 16... And that necessitated a new look for him...

Recently, when browsing e-bay I came across a page of Carmine Infantino original art (alas, way outside my price range) and on the back was a positive plethora of Gryaon-iana, a host of doodles that Mr Infantino had done, obviously to help himself get a handle on what young Mr Grayson would look like.

The extremely emotive eyebrows are much in evidence (Very much an Infantino trademark), the still somewhat pixie-ish face that Dick has, and a variety of possible hairstyles too. Note that the one with the left hand parting (third from the right at the top) would become his default hairstyle when he went off to college.

Fun isn't it? :)

But(t) there's more! :) )
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The Adam Strange strip ran in MYSTERY IN SPACE beginning in 1958. It was a riff on Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series in a way. Earthman Adam Strange found a way to get to the planet Rann of the star Alpha Centauri, although he could only stay there a short time each trip. This being a Silver Age comic, naturally he found some wildly implausible alien invasion or other menace to fight each time. But that was not the real reason he counted the minutes until the next Zeta-Beam would appear to take him to his heart's desire.

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We all know that Hal Jordan was chosen to become Green Lantern because the power ring found him to be most worthy of all the inhabitants of Earth. In this story from Action Comics Weekly, however, we meet the other ten individuals who the ring considered before settling on Jordan, including the one who was deemed worthier than Jordan and chosen ahead of him. (Guy Gardner and John Stewart were two of ten, obviously.)

Image Hosted by

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From Detective Comics #500, by Cary Bates and Carmine Infantino.
Batman has been poisoned, and is lying in a hospital bed on the brink of death. Luckily, Deadman is on the scene, and heads to the Astral Plane to lend Bruce's soul some moral support. But there's a problem:


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