War of the Realms #2

An event years in the making, War of the Realms has...not amazed me so far. The story of Asgard and the other realms loses its specialness when it becomes another "Oh no! There's baddies on Manhattan!" Marvel crossover. The war seemed much more epic when it was War Thor fighting for children's lives or Malekith's wedding day. Wolverine and Punisher fighting dark elves just seems so dull, especially when everybody is really quiptastic.

However, I'm on board for the end of Aaron's run, so let's see how it goes.

In #1, there were two major character deaths (one of them is here). However, it's a "comic book death"

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Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #3 (2019) - "Watch, Part Three"

"Superheroes can be violent monsters.” Of all the things Watchmen does, it is by far the least interesting, and the worst thing it did to the medium. It’s not Watchmen’s fault, of course, as you can’t help what people take from you… but what Moore described as a bad mood he had one year becoming a primary aesthetic for a long time is pretty depressing.

So let’s do it for an issue, eh? That makes sense.

Now I said the first issue was kind of the Ellis issue, and the second issue was the Morrison issue. But when I say all of the above, I surely can’t say a name for whose issue this is.

Well, yeah, it’s probably unwise, but f*ck it. Like last issue wasn’t just Morrison, this issue isn’t any one name, but I did have an internal codename for it. I don’t want to write a bad issue, and to show the thread of the influence, I can nod to the very best from that tradition. If I want to do operatic, horrible, imaginative superhero throwdowns I have to homage the best – in which case, this is the Mark Millar issue.

-- Kieron Gillen

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Avengers: No Road Home #9

Take a deep dive into the psychological makeup of your favorite Avengers... -- Al Ewing

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Batman #68 (2019) - "Knightmares, Part 6: Solitude"

The best part about “Knightmares” is I got to do seven, basically one-shot issues with seven different artists, seven different genres — I did horror, I did comedy, I did noir. But each of them was building on to something, and it was building on to the breaking of Batman, to this great fear. -- Tom King

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Mod Post: Off-Topic Tuesday

In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat among yourselves.

Anyone with access to media will have been aware of the dreadful fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday. A more iconic central image of France's culture and history (it dates back to ther 13th century) is hard to imagine. Having been there quite a few times, and fallen in love with the place every time, this is heartbreaking. Astonishingly, no one was hurt or killed, but thanks to the efforts of the fire services, the fire appears to have left much of the actual structure intact and tragic though it is to see it like this, I have no doubt it will be rebuilt, as it has been before.

In yet another plotline pulled from the pages of a bad dystopian future novels, the POTUS 45 Administration is suggesting monitoring the social media activity of diability recipients. Whilst identifying those scamming the system is fundamentally a good idea, that does NOT seem like a reasonable way of doing it.

Brexit... didn't happen... yet... kind of... An extension until 31st October was granted (Won't THAT be a Halloween to remember) and we'll see what happens. Ardent Brexiteers are howling at the moon about this betrayal, and everyone else is breathing a sigh of relief for a little lessening of the tension, but Lord knows what come's next.

Climate change protestors from "Extinction Rebellion" have held rallies across the world, and in London arrests have been made.

At the other end of the scale, I finally got around to watching "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies" which was a lot more fun than I was expecting and the cameo from a certain unexpected comic book legend was outright hilarious.

A LOT of new Star Wars info released at Star Wars Celebtration this past weekend, including the name and a trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker... which given the last person to use the Skywalker name died at the end of Episode VIII is quite the achievement. (I do quite like the fan idea that if this movie heralds the end of "Jedi" and "Sith", then a "Skywalker" would be quite a good name for a new generation of Force users, but we shall see.

Episode VIII had... issues, LOTS of issues, but I worry that Episode IX is going to be outright nostalgia pandering, not lessened by the reveal at the end of the trailer about an old villain returning unexpectedly 9I know nearly anyone who cares will have seen the trailer by now, but I'd still feel rotten for spoiling it in this post, though if people discuss it in the comments, so be it.

Also the first footage of Season 7 of The Clone Wars was released a little more "safe" nostalgia-wallowing rather than trying something new perhaps, but I'll take it.

Plus materials which will be available at the new Star Wars: Glaaxy Edge park in Disneyland and Disneyworld were released, including the specially designed soft drink containers.

And if you're not following the Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Youtube channel, you really should, because their anime re-stylings of classic Star wars moments are a delight (And I'm not just saying that for their ultimate 80's anime haired Luke Skywalker... well, not JUST because of that)