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Avengers: Disassembled is controversial, even years after it was originally published. Truth be told, it probably will remain divisive for years to come. Still, I think it represents a turning point for the franchise, and it’s a bold ambitious and daring piece of work. Any comic that celebrates its five hundredth issue by mercilessly deconstructing its central team deserves a large amount of respect. Bendis’ work on Avengers might have its share of detractors, and I’m hard-pressed to argue it’s his best work, but I still think it’s a very challenging and breathtaking attempt to help rework a franchise that struggled to find its footing.” - Darren

Story By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: David Finch

Like with Civil War, we'll just be looking at random scenes from each issue.

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Seems apt to put create a thread for those who have now, since it's out in the USA (a week after we got it in the UK, so I've been very self controlled here), seen the latest addition to the MCU franchise.

What are your thoughts and opinions of Captain America 3: Civil War (or "Avegers 2.5" as I've seen it playfully referred to)

Of course, there will be spoilers in the discussion, so proceed at your own risk if you wish to remain unspoiled, plot wise.
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CBR NEWS: "When we first chatted about "Ant-Man" before issue #1 was released, I compared the series to the brilliant but cancelled FX private eye show "Terriers." And now that four issues have been released it seems like that was an especially apt comparison because it appears that "Ant-Man" is very much a series that blends private detective fiction with superhero stories."

Nick Spencer: "Yeah, I think that's right. It was an astute comparison at the time and I think it's been born out. We've seen Scott putting together his new company and bringing in some colorful companions. So the book is getting to be more an ensemble piece and that's fun. In terms of the future we're going to make sure we put these characters to good use."

So this issue answers the question about what happened with Darla Deering and... ah... yeah....

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CBR News: I'm sure Cassie's presence in the book has a lot of people wondering if you're interested in eventually having the her former teammates from the Young Avengers make an appearance in "Ant-Man."

Nick Spencer: Yes, my Tumblr questions are pretty much non-stop about the Young Avengers and whether or not they'll be appearing in the book. What I can say is be patient. Right now at the beginning of the book the focus is very much on Scott and Cassie's relationship and setting up their new status quo. As we go forward, though, you never know.

So the new Ant-Man series has arrived, so let's take a look at a particular scene that caught my attention. Read this to re-familiarize yourself with what has been going on with the character.

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CBR News: Cassie plays the role of normal teenager in the first issue, but she has a lot in common with her dad given that they've both come back from the dead and both have been super heroes. How does that impact her relationship with her father? And do you have plans for the super powered aspect of Cassie's life in "Ant-Man?"

Nick Spencer: Yeah, definitely! Part of the fun of Cassie is that she's very much her father's daughter. So I think a lot of the parallels of their careers as super heroes is a great part of their relationship.

Cassie really became Stature because of her dad and Scott really became Ant-Man because of his daughter. It's a funny thing because I think Scott is very much driven to make sure that Cassie turns out better than he did. The fun thing about that is the personal dynamic of wanting your kids to achieve so much more, but at the same time they can often mirror you. So that's definitely an interesting thing to explore.

3 pages each from Ant-Man #3-5...

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