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With the end of the current Titans run, this seems an apt moment to showcase one of my favourite Titans moments in a long time, it's from the JLA/Titans crossover "The Technis Imperative" and I just happened to have obtained the original art for the page in question.

Saying goodbye... Going away.... (Oh great, now I'LL be bawling) )
And after that tear-jerking little moment, an announcement to make UK based fans go SQUEEEE! Though they'll need to squeee patiently

A new convention which sounds like fun )

STOP PRESS - Those missing their Secret Six/Teen Titans art fix, The Cn have exciting news about Nicola Scott's next project, which answers another question about the new DCU

News from Fan Expo Canada )
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Way back in 1980-ish, after the first major story arc of "The New Teen Titans" was over, Wolfman and Perez did something in issue 8 which was more or less unheard of at the time, an issue devoted to the characters in their off duty lives, especially new characters we're not familiar with.

For legality, the cover of that issue.

Episode 8 of Young Justice (which others have noted is more Teen Titans anyway) tries more or less the same thing.

Can Young Justice pull off the same trick? (Also, HEAVY SPOILER within) )
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Alas, the rules of OPM week mean that The Black Cat doesn't count as canon, but let's face it, given half a chance, we'd want it to be.

Her next series of images are going to be "Superhero Family's", her work with the Batclan goes without saying, and we've recently seen the Super-family, and the Women of Wonder.

So perhaps one of the next most populous family's get's a look in...Click for sub-aquatic cuteness! )
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OK, now that I've got my breath back from reading Titans #23 - jeez, did Roy drop a bag of flaming dog poop on Didio's front porch or something? - I've remembered I recently came across Teen Titans #53, which is both the origin issue and the breakup issue. (Ironically, it's also the first issue of OTT I ever bought, back in the day.)

It has Guardian and Bumblebee minding the store at OTT HQ, and reading in a big record book of the Titans' first adventure, the one reworked in Year One: the heroes going rogue, the sidekicks joining forces, trading off sidekick/hero matchups, breaking the evil alien influence etc. Roy was a rough fit even then, but the standoffishness was on Roy's side, according to this:

And it was a much-grown Roy who got to do the honors of disbanding the original Titans.

Here's how he felt about them all in the end. )

I just don't even know what to make of Titans #23, after rereading this issue.

suggested tags - char: bumblebee/karen beecher (does not exist), char: herald/vox/mal duncan, char: harlequin/duela dent, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: aqualad/tempest/garth, creator: bob rozakis, creator: juan ortiz (does not exist), group: teen titans, publisher: dc comics, title: teen titans

(would theme: retcon hell be appropriate for this post? I dunno.)
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Ok so thanks to the major retcon of all things Original Titans in the recent Titans 23, I wanted to actually post some Original Fab Five stuff. So I went searching and I found these.

Flirting, Banter, and Cornyness ahoy! )

char: char: aqualad/tempest/garth, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, creator: mike friedrich, title: teen titans
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Two pages from Titans 23, where we learn that the Titans maybe should have been named "He-Man Roy-Haters Club."

Too much testosterone within. But it's probably Donna's fault. )

tags: title: titans, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: aqualad/tempest/garth, creator: eddie berganza,
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Ressurecting more of the old posts; Teen Titans Year One is definately one of the best of the Year One minis, helped in very great deal by Karl Kerschl's amazing artwork and visual gags.

21 pages of mentor dickery and adorable fish boys. )

(For the mods, that's 7 pages each from the first three issues.)
suggested tags: creator: amy wolfram, creator: karl kerschl, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: aqualad/tempest/garth, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: aquaman/orin/arthur curry


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