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My bookshelves are groaning. My wallet is empty. To that end, I'm on bookstrike, having sworn off buying books for the month of January. I've got into the habit of having a grumpy day and just giving Amazon money to make myself feel better.

The last example of bibliotherapy that the postman delivered was Dark Avengers: Ares, a volume that collects the 5 part Oeming series where Ares has to save his son and the Greek pantheon from Mikaboshi and the 3 part Gillen series where Norman Osborn puts Ares in charge of training H.A.M.M.E.R. troops.

Both are excellent.

This is an extract from the Oeming series, where the Greek gods have appealed to their God of War for help as Mikaboshi's demons besiege Olympus. They've already scarred Achilles and are too much for gods such as Hercules. And so, the gods realise that they need a god who is prepared to do what no other god will do )
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Greetings True Believers!

One of the longest running internet gags is motivational posters and using them with your favorite characters, series, genres or just for the lulz!

I have a collection of some of my favorite comic book related ones and I thought I'd share.

Also, post your own! It will be ever so fun.

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From CBR's previews for next week's Marvel releases, here's three pages from Siege: Secret Warriors #1.

Flashbacks and Nick Fury being Nick Fury. )

suggested tags: char: ares/marvel, char: phobos/alexander aaron, char: nick fury, creator: jonathan hickman, creator: alessandro vitti, publisher: marvel comics
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Greetings True Believers!

Here are four scans from Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #10. Wade is the funny and an awesome cover for the next issue.

Plus, four scans from The Savage Axe of Ares one-shot. (It's wonderful and I suggest you pick it up.) One scan of editors being funny, one scan of a creepy page and two pages of awesome art.


Suggested Tags: char: deadpool/wade wilson, char: ares/marvel, title: deadpool, publisher: marvel comics, creator: victor gischler, creator: bong dazo, creator: gregg hurwitz, creator: c.p. smith, creator: john barber, creator: jefte palo, creator: leonardo manco

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To complement stubbleupdate's Ares minipost here's an Ares megapost, from the miniseries that kicked-off the character's modern-age revival.

Warning - Unexpecting Cuddly Ares under this Cut )

suggested tags: char: ares/marvel, char: phobos/alexander aaron, creator: michael avon oeming, creator: travel foreman
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Following his appearance in Girl comics #1, I want to do an Ares Minipost. He's the best "new" character to come out of Marvel since Civil War and I've really enjoyed the push that he's received under Bendis and Gillen.

There is a line before me that demarcates where you stop being treated as citizens and start being treated as soldiers. It is a line that only I can see and I swear unto all of you -- once you cross it you have declare war. Against your city, against your government...and against me. And make no mistake: I love to fight wars.


And this isn't even touching his appearances in Incredible Herc (Blows from an unseen assailant have felled Wonder Man!) and ("I AM SORRY WONDER MAN I CANNOT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF RETURNING FIRE!"). I'm giggling just reading that

*I know that it doesn't rhyme

Tags: Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, char: Ares/marvel, creator: Kieron+gillen, Creator: Frank Cho, , char:+ant-man/wasp/hank+pym, title: Girl comics, creator: Trina robbins, creator: Stephanie Buscema, Group: Dark Avengers


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