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Jean Loring's insanity during Identity Crisis came as a surprise to many; some would even argue it was out of character. What many people don't know is that the seeds were planted all the way back in the Silver Age:

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Greetings True Believers!

A ways back I did one of these posts and I thought it went off like gangbusters, so it's time for another one!

Which ones do you like, hate? Bring your own!

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day!

Image-heavy for you dial-uppers.


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This is, blissfully, the last issue of Titans.

But that doesn't mean they won't get in one last helping of fail!

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

TL;DR version: Amnesia and bad continuity have left Wonder Woman unsure of her abilities, so she asks the JLA to monitor her next 12 missions to make sure she's still fit for duty. So, which JLA member will be spying on Diana this month? And which old villain makes a re-appearance? Find out below the cut...
(Wonder Woman #220, 1975. Selected panels from a 20-page story.)
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The Bloodlines have ended. The heroes of the DCU are now finally able to assemble against the Parasite threat, but will it be enough? Or will it be the fall of Earth?

18 pages of a 56 page story.

I have to also warn you that while the art of the Annuals each had specific teams who were used to the books they were on...  but the artists who worked on Bloodbath varied, and the art seemed very rushed at times. (Including having a page that I won't post with Martian Manhunter on it that hurts my eyes)

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Dr. Ray Palmer, the Atom, is one of DC's more well known characters. He has the power to shrink himself. Not very impressive as far as superheroes go, but in the DCU the Atom is known less for typical superheroics and more for his role as a scientist and an explorer of the unknown.

One recurring theme from his stories is how interesting the world can get on a microscopic level. This was explored in a JLA oneshot written by Dan Curtis Johnson, collected in the Tower of Babel trade.
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Continuing from my last post, here are some scans from the second half of JLA: Trial by Fire by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke.

Recap: A powerful telepath has been manipulating people across the world to forcibly put an end to its problems, lobotomizing criminals and making world leaders peacefully resolve all their disputes. With the Martian Manhunter in an oddly weakened state, the Justice League is left defenceless from assault. Ultimately it becomes clear that their formidable opponent is a Martian, and in fact, none other than J'onn J'onnz himself, now turned into a monstrous being calling himself Fernus.
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As someone else noted, DC: The New Frontier is full of perfect moments. The Silver Age Flash gets a couple of them. Now, normally the one that comes to mind is his initial appearance where he goes up against Captain Cold, but while that's pretty awesome too, here's another one that, frankly, I like better.

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