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So at New York Comic Con today, it was announced that Marvel is releasing a new Black Widow comic, her fourth in a few years, and just in time since the announcement earlier this year of her solo film. The first issue is set for a January 2019 release.

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The new LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL miniseries is supposed to cover Carol Danvers' past. Including something we've never seen as a result of something most Carol fans hate.

Even though AVENGERS #200 is a blight on the history of both the Avengers and Carol Danvers, AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 attempted to salvage the story. By Carol saying she hated the Avengers and some stuff about them needing to do better, whatever that meant. And then she went into space with the X-Men, got Binary powers, and spent some time with the Starjammers. And after a while she rejoined the Avengers.

So, how did she mend fences with the Avengers?

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Tales of Suspense has so much subtext between Clint and Bucky and...I lowkey ship it. (I hate Jeremy Renner so screw that)

Anyway they're on a quest to find Natasha...the first Black Widow.
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Because of a frankly stupid Comixology sale* I picked up the Edmondson/Noto run on Black Widow. I'd previous read Edmondson in Who is Jake Ellis, Where is Jake Ellis, a bit of The Activity and his 1872 run, before dropping Red Wolf like a hot potato. And yes, it is true that Edmondson is problematic at best. Noto on art has gone from being a nice pin up artist but a bad story teller to a dynamic and cinematic storyteller.

The plot of the Edmondson/Noto Black Widow run is that an organisation, Chaos, and Natasha aren't getting on. She goes after their assets. They go after her accountant. She goes after their accountants. She gets names and details and calls a meeting, hiring a cruise liner for the occasion.
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In the sale, I picked up

Two volumes of Aaron's Doctor Strange
Two volumes of Edmondson's Black Widow
The first Thor Visionaries

I would recommend
All of Fraction's Hawkeye for a tenner. Honestly, you're a fool if you don't.
All of Waid's Fantastic Four
All of Hickman's Fantastic Four
Hyperion: Daddy Issues
Doctor Strange: The Oath
Astonishing X-Men
War of Kings
House of M
Chelsea Cain's Mockingbird
Ellis's Moon Knight
Fraction's Defenders
Patsy Walker: Hellcat (by Kathryn Immonen)
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Seems apt to put create a thread for those who have now, since it's out in the USA (a week after we got it in the UK, so I've been very self controlled here), seen the latest addition to the MCU franchise.

What are your thoughts and opinions of Captain America 3: Civil War (or "Avegers 2.5" as I've seen it playfully referred to)

Of course, there will be spoilers in the discussion, so proceed at your own risk if you wish to remain unspoiled, plot wise.


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