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From Tomb of Dracula #10. Written by Marvin Wolfman and with art by Gene Colan.
This features the first appearance of Blade, as he faces off against one of the most hilariously inept interpretations of Dracula you'll ever see!
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Has anyone ever filmed a scene where a priest blesses his own saliva then gobs in a vampire's eye? -- Si Spurrier

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Greetings True Believers!

I love old-school OHMUs. I picked up a handful at Wizard-Con. I really like the art and the way they really went all-out with the bios and power descriptions.

I picked out few examples of my favorite art from the stack I bought. WARNING! 80s fashion and hair-cuts ahoy!

Wave back at Devil Dinosaur!

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The latest "We Are The X-Men" teaser from Marvel, spotlighting another non-mutant.

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char: hope summers, char: blade/eric brooks, group: x-men, publisher: marvel comics
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Dracula faces his demons...

I wish Marvel would bring back "Tomb of Dracula" I loved his look in the return from Capt.Britain and M13.

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70's Blade says...

...and yes 70's Blade did attend swinger parties (cause' it was London in the 70's)

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