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One of the most interesting things that the Wally West Flash series did was the the Rogues, the loose assortments of villains that had plagued Barry for years, and retconning them as... well, a sort of family, a dysfunctional family but they a bond between them. Originally they had little in common with each other, other than they bought their costumes in the same place and were united in their hatred for the Flash.

I'm still preparing my Serpent Society history post, but I found this in my LJ gallery lelarly having intended to post it at some point, but I don't think I ever did, so here is another take on villainous relationships, before it became somewhat friendlier, for a given value of friendship of course, as via cary bates and Carmine Infantino, we find out how the Rogues originally handled the death of "one of their own"

Remember, these are NOT healthy people )
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We start with lesson one in "Why you shouldn't take menu advice from Wally West"


But that's not why we're here.

This is by the request of [personal profile] jelly_ace , from Flash Volume 2, #19 (in 1989)

The Flash's Rogues Gallery Gala )

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Halloween Week (superheroes)

This is from the excellent double sized 50th issue of the SS. It brought all the treads together from the original SS to the current teams. This book was all about very damaged people confronting their personal demons ,both hero and villain.

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G'day mates! Long-time reader/commenter, never posted, but today I was re-reading an old issue of Suicide Squad and just had to share this beaut of "Context is for the Weak" moment with the Thinker. Seems our lad's got a bit of a crush...


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