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Bleeding Cool had an article that makes it clear there is some resentment over the events of CIVIL WAR II. And most of that resentment is towards Carol Danvers, not from her.

About two pages from CHAMPIONS #21 after the cut. Written by Jim Zub. Art by Sean Izaakse

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The new LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL miniseries is supposed to cover Carol Danvers' past. Including something we've never seen as a result of something most Carol fans hate.

Even though AVENGERS #200 is a blight on the history of both the Avengers and Carol Danvers, AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 attempted to salvage the story. By Carol saying she hated the Avengers and some stuff about them needing to do better, whatever that meant. And then she went into space with the X-Men, got Binary powers, and spent some time with the Starjammers. And after a while she rejoined the Avengers.

So, how did she mend fences with the Avengers?

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