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And Jason 1.0

Saw some original art from this issue online and realisd I'd always meant to share the issue. It's a minor story in many ways, Doug Moench writing the first of a sort of two part story which isn't major or "important", but to share Don Newton pencils with Alfredo Alcala inks and Adrienne Roy colours, is always a pleasure.

371 00.jpg

First up, that cover )
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"Here’s the thing, the original Catman had a long history and most of it was as a cheap Batman knockoff who never accomplished anything. That made him a bit of a lovable loser, and I enjoyed that tremendously.

My thinking here is, what if Blake is actually the LEAST screwed-up person on the team? He’s a bit younger, a bit less history, but he’s been through an extraordinary ordeal and it’s left a crack in his armor a mile wide. It’s made him MORE dangerous.
" - Gail Simone

Writers: Gail Simone
Artist: Ken Lashley
Inkers: Ken Lashley & Drew Geraci
Colorist: Jason Wright

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Just in time for Tom Blake's New 52 debut tomorrow, here we celebrate the existence of a man who's had almost as many face changes as Doctor Who himself since his initial inception in 1963! (Also the year Doctor Who debuted, fyi).

The Many Faces of Thomas Blake, aka The Catman! )

Also, sorry this is late. Photobucket wasn't cooperating with me ever since it received 938445989 upgrades. :(

As a reminder, please don't forget to tag your posts as Series: 31 Days Of Scans!
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Love it or hate it (I sadly lean toward the latter of the two), Gail Simone's impact on post-2000s DC is immeasurable. It was she who made the Birds of Prey soar out from under the shadow of the Bat; she who finally gave Bane some manner of dignity and characterization to lift him out of his post-Knightfall slump; and she who took several villains that no one remembered anymore, assembled them all under the name of an equally forgotten team, and made both awesome beyond imagination.

All told, there are probably a hundred other accomplishments to her name, but there is one that remains of particular interest to me: what is arguably the most badass Mad Hatter appearance in the history of DC.

(Okay, so there's not really much competition, but still.)

It's a moment that's been talked about quite a few times on S_D, but I find it sadly unposted (perhaps a victim of the Great Purge?). So I present it here, in all its creepy glory.

Behind the cut: Don't mock the turtle. )
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Hey Guys. I don't know if this qualifies as a legality (is it fan art or a web comic as the artist does seem to post regularly?). I requested a drawing from NotThisCrap on Tumblr (who is fast becoming my FAVORITE artist ever) for my birthday a week ago, and i wanted to share it here,

Happy Birthday to ME! )
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Ok, it's the pink elephant in the room.

Let's talk about it.

The book closes out in style.

The team that never backs down.... and never wins.

We are the Secret Six. )
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Newsarama has the preview of the final Secret Six (EVER) issue.

(looks around to see if anyone posted this yet).

Dammit, I am going to MISS this.

Let this ONE preview page remind you of what you are missing. What will be GONE.

I need an Irish funeral for this. *off to the bar*

sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time. )
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ComicBookResources brings us to the arc where Bane begins to slip into true villainy once more.

But before that begins, some loose ends to wrap up. 2 preview pages behind the cut.

Knock knock. )
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Hi ho, 2 pages from Secret Six #33 here. You'll recall that when a preview page was posted showing Catman's reunion with his d-bag of a father in Hell, Papa Blake begged Tom to save him from a mysterious "she" who comes to torture him afresh every day. Betting on who the "she" is was pretty evenly split between Mama Blake and the lioness Papa Blake killed.

Well... )

In other news, I continue to desire a Catman plushie doll. :D
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The Six
are in hell. An bargain is offered, votes are taken. Preview courtesy of ComicBookResources.

And revenge is a dish best served....

Relish. )
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Really? Nobody's posted anything substantial from Birds of Prey 11 yet? Just the bits and pieces of continuity dovetailing with Batgirl?

Well. Let's fix that, shall we? 3 pages of Huntress and Catman doing some dovetailing of their own.

The setup: Huntress is chasing jewel thieves ("Of course there was a jewel heist. It's Gotham. And it's Thursday." ILU, Gail) who've shot a guard and taken a hostage - a severely asthmatic hostage with no inhaler who's a prime candidate for death by misadventure. She's slugging it out with one thug when Catman shows up, looking to revisit that, umm, whatever they had back in Birds of Prey v1 #106-107, I think? Hel maintains she's busy, so Catman agrees to help her hunt.

They find the second thug, and Catman loses points for hitting Rickie's pregnant girlfriend (in fairness, she was leaping at him claws-out at the time), but gains points for getting wounded while taking Rickie down and eliciting the name of a third thug; the fourth crew member, the client, none of them knew.

Which leads to this exchange )

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Tags:title: secret six,publisher: dc comics,character: catman/thomas blake,creator: gail simone,creator: jim calafiore

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Gail Simone's message board at CBR, You'll All Be Sorry, recently featured a whole new approach to the Birds of Prey. The ramifications of this will shock the DC Universe! Scans under the cut.
Welcome back, Gail! )

Suggested tags:

creator: gail simone, group: birds of prey, char: big barda/barda free, char: manhunter/kate spencer, char: misfit/charlotte gage-radcliffe, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: huntress/helena bertinelli, char: black canary/dinah lance, char: gypsy/cynthia reynolds, char: lady blackhawk/zinda blake, group: secret six, medium: fanart, char: deadshot/floyd lawton, char: catman/thomas blake, char: ragdoll/peter merkel jr, char: scandal savage, char: bane, char: black alice/lori zechlin, char: jeannette


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