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Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Marc Campos
Colorist: Guy Major

I'm just going to rapid fire the rest of Austen's run with a post every day instead of dragging out over weeks and months. As such, let's take a look at the next issue...

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After Crisis on Infinite Earths, the backgrounds of many characters were changed, some subtly, others blatantly. This made it a good idea to have a title that explained the new secret origins of DC's characters. This series was entitled "Secret Origins."

The Creeper story was not one of Giffen's better art jobs, so let's concentrate on the Alan Scott Green Lantern tale. Seven pages of 22, and an ad.

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Next time: Steve Gerber!

Your thoughts and comments?
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While many have written the DC characters of Steve Ditko, few have actually played with the kind of themes that Ditko enjoyed exploring. Not exactly hard to figure out why.

Among the few to try was Alan Brennert, a TV author and novelist whose career at DC Comics rivals Alan Moore's in the "brief but brilliant" department. Brennert opens the story with the line, "Respectfully dedicated to the talents of Steve Ditko," but I'm not sure if it's faithful to the spirit of Ditko's philosophy, or a subversion of Objectivist thought. Maybe those of you more well-versed in Ditko can help me out here.

In "Paperchase"--from 1981's The Brave and the Bold #178--Brennert uses a Creeper/Batman team-up to explore themes about incendiary psuedo-journalism, and the murky ethics of rabble-rousing TV personalities. Sadly, these themes are still relevant, as we've been reminded lately.

But it's not all serious and ponderous stuff. Especially not when the Creeper's involved:

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Showcase cover

Superman teams up with everyone's favorite Ditko loon, the Creeper, in this Crisis cross-over issue of DC Comics Presents (#88, Dec. 1985). Written by Steve Englehart and inked by Karl Kesel (cover inked by Giordano), this issue shows Giffen at his finest.
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Normally I hate the way some writters pick up their ball and leave never letting other people write a character they invented...

But almost anyone other that Steve Ditko and the results with the Creeper are just god awful...

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