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The new LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL miniseries is supposed to cover Carol Danvers' past. Including something we've never seen as a result of something most Carol fans hate.

Even though AVENGERS #200 is a blight on the history of both the Avengers and Carol Danvers, AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 attempted to salvage the story. By Carol saying she hated the Avengers and some stuff about them needing to do better, whatever that meant. And then she went into space with the X-Men, got Binary powers, and spent some time with the Starjammers. And after a while she rejoined the Avengers.

So, how did she mend fences with the Avengers?

Off panel reconciliation )

FF #21

Aug. 29th, 2012 04:22 pm
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So this week over at DC we go to see some pairings happen, and at Marvel we saw some end.

We have another mismatched pair that we were rooting for fall apart.

(But before that drama, anyone remember this?

The high price of duty.  )
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The origins of this posting came about when I saw this image on e-bay

I thought that this was a lovely sketch-card of Aurora and Northstar by an artist named Sara Richard.

and wanted to see more of her work...

When I saw THESE images I knew I had a new artist to keep an eye on )

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This morning, when I was out in town, the thought popped into my head that somewhere on my bookcase was the Q Magazine special on R.E.M. circa Reveal that included a picture of Michael Stipe as Blackagar Boltagon )
But I can't just post that on its own, so I'll need a few other things to bulk it up. Like Phil Noto's photo-essay on live in the 60s Marvel Universe. )

And while I went through his tumblr to find the pictures, I found bundles of other cool stuff there too.  )
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For the comm's approval, I submit Hank Pym in the midst of two tropes (only one of which I can find the name of) from Avengers issue 366.

First, a Crowning Moment of Awesome, as Not The Quinjet is being attacked by a Kree Sentry.
Fightin' words )
And now, while I can't find the exact name of the trope, it's something we all know. "What do you mean 'oops'?"

Involving the Vision no less )

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Can't believe no-one got this page yet...

From Guardians of the Galaxy 24: What do you do when you're trying to safeguard the universe, but you don't technically have any actual authority on the galactic council?

You carry a big stick )


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