Cyborg #3

Nov. 28th, 2015 07:18 am
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"Vic is on an evolutionary journey, one that will redefine who he is, what he is, and how he interacts with the word. We’re taking our hero on a journey, and it wouldn’t be much of a journey if he didn’t face new challenges and go through changes. If these challenges and changes can be viewed as a statement of intent, that’s fine. The real intent is for readers to get to know more about Vic as he learns more about himself — it’s about experiencing this evolutionary phase of his life as he’s going through it." - David F. Walker

Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Ivan Reis & Eduardo Pansica
Inker: Scott Hanna, Albert Oclair, Ivan Reis
Colorist: Adriano Lucas

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"I’ll just jump into it and get in trouble for saying what I believe. I personally believe Vic is Vic and Cyborg is his disability. And Vic is a cyborg—it’s not that he is Cyborg, he is a cyborg. He’s different from a lot of other characters—it’s not like he was bitten by a radioactive crocodile and now he’s Alligator Man. He’s a kid who was injured in this horrific accident and in the process of saving his life he had all this mechanical stuff attached to him and this mechanical stuff helps keep him alive. So it’s not who he is, but it’s part of what he is. That’s a huge part of what I am addressing as we’re moving forward in the story." - David F. Walker

Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Joe Prado
Colorist: Adriano Lucas

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"As much as I love comic books and superheroes, I think it is dangerous to have them tackle complex problems and then solve these issues, when in real life that simply doesn’t happen. Cyborg can take on an army extraterrestrials and save the day -- as a writer, I can make that work. But can he tackle police brutality and actually fix the problem, which itself is linked to other problems? If there is one issue that we can have Cyborg grapple with -- one that I believe is very important to the black community -- it would have to be self-esteem. This is not to say that Cyborg can fix all the contributing factors that lead to so many young people of color suffering from low self-esteem, but by merely having him present—by having him being front and center, dealing with his own issues of self-worth and belonging—maybe he can help others with their struggles." - David F. Walker

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I wanted to do this post on Cyborg ever since it was announced by DC. Not because he's one of my favorite characters (although there are some parts of him I like), but because I also wanted to include a very important essay about the character that made me rethink some qualities of him. As such, I felt it was important to share it with the community along with this preview. Read more... )
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"Free of the reign of Telos, a pantheon of heroes unite at last in an effort to defend their collective cities – but they did not count on the threat of Deimos, who suddenly seems to possess the power to tear the Multiverse apart at the seams! "
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So Robin is 75 years old this year, having debuted in Detective Comics #38, dated April 1940

That means it would have been on the shelves in Feb/March. According to current continuity, Dick's birthday is "the first day of Spring", which would be 20th March, but he's had a few other dates cited as his DOB over the years, so this seems close enough... ish.

So let's celebrate!

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My first commissioned art by the talented Mitch Ballard!

I wanted a fun & sexy piece featuring my favorite Titan couples from the New Teen Titans era. Preferably with them half naked:) the guys would be shirtless while the girls wear their shirts. Mitch came up with the wonderful concept of them doing laundry. He even added Gar & Vic!

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