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Let's hear it for platonic ideals!

Dick Grayson and Donna Troy )

Then there's my other go-to couple.

Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey )

And... well, the SECOND Team Supreme )

I could continue indefintiely for ages with others like Bruce and Clark, Diana and Lois, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Tim and Kon, but these will do for now I think.
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Yay, 607 is out, so I can post another couple of pages from #606, since it features one of my favourites, so thank you bi-monthly publication schedule!

Shave and a haircut... Two bits! )
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Since we last saw Doug Ramsey before this miniseries started, he had, in no particular order
  • Started some sort of information brokerage service (Which actually seemed like a cool idea)
  • Become a completely isolated internet junkie during a bizarre project to try and "translate the internet... all of it" which led to him forgetting to bathe, sleep or eat.
  • Had changed from "good looking twink", to "dishevelled, forty year old looking hobo with a terribkly unfortunate line in facial hair"
  • Been hired by Misty Knight to assist Daredevil in locating Wolverine
  • Had his throat slit by someone who looked a lot like Wolverine.
This is not his best day... but given he's died twice already, maybe not his worst one either... I guess )
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Over the past few years I've commissioned a sort of Christmas card for scans_daily. Now I appreciate not everyone celebrates Christmas, but this is intended to express the more general compliments of the season of goodwill and fellowship, which hopefully transcend denominational and theistic opinions.

This time, and not for the first time, I asked the delightful Leigh Wortley aka Stem-Cell to put together something, and she came through magnificently, as a couple of favourite characters have fun with a new toy.

LegoSelf )
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Following the request for some upbeat What if...? stories, I submit this reposting from over 6 years ago (Good grief, I've been here a long time!!!)

The cover alone convinced me that this was likely to be an interesting alternate world! :D

At the end of the Asgardian Wars Loki gave the X-Men and New Mutants a choice, stay in Asgard and keep all that they had achieved there, all the new lives and new loves they had found, and in the case of Storm, powers returned to her, or return to Earth as they had been before they arrived; Storm would be powerless, Magma would be human instead of the elf-form the elven folk had curssed her with, and so on (The only exception he made, out of narrative necessity courtesy, was that Karma would NOT be returned to the grotesquely obese form her time under the control of the Shadow King had given her). The choice HAD to be unanimous though

Of course, in the mainstream MU, the choice to return to was made, but this IS a "What if...?"

...all things are possible )
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Tarot of the Hellions had an unusual powerset to say the least, she was somewhat prescient, and could bring to life the images of whichever Tarot card she pulled from her deck.

Waiting for the Trade webcomic under cut )
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I realise it's beena while since I posted a Fanart Thursday kind of a post, and also I never got around to posting the pieces I picked up at last months London Super Comic Convention

I was sort of selfsoulfriend-centric this time around, but there are some exceptions, and I'm very pleased with my crop! :)

Artist Alley Assortment ASSEMBLE! )


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