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Whom I miss very much. I mean, this side of Daken in particular. The one who knows Greek tragedies by heart, who taught himself to read Greek as a child, who enjoys making people think he's something he's not, then shocking them with what he is.

I just miss Dark Reign in general. )

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These past months, it's been a long and tiresome wait. Until finally, on the final stretch, things start looking as they did when I would post the comic proudly. But the comic's about to be canceled, so no dice, not really.

Two scans from Daken 21, one scan from Deadpool 50 )
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Just some fun pics from this issue.  Wasn't terrible.  Molly is treated as the "Dumb one" still (and still has a crush on Wolverine for some reason).  But, worth it if only for two things: 

It's just nice to see these guys again )


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3 months in, and my how the tables have turned.

With DCnU relaunch and the domination of most of their titles across the comic book distrubutors, the mighty House of Ideas is feeling the blows. Here is a list of the titles that will be cancelled and/or will never see the light of day after February 2012.

ComicBookResources has the article discussing the latest on the growing line of titles to fall.

In Memorandum.  )
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I am glad I didn't read this in the middle of the night. But aside from the creepy bleeding-eyes mother....Daken #14 with Moon Knight... )


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