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"Oh, man….Working with Hickman was easy because he’s such a great writer. He’s also he’s an artist himself, so he knows how to extract the best out of the artists he’s working with." - Mike Deodato

While superboysprime tends to cover Hickman's Avengers work, I like to highlight just a specific scene myself from the last issue of New Avengers. It involves the origin of the Black Swans!

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Okay I recenty bought volumes 2-6 of Peter David's run on Hulk and decided to do some reserch on a giant red gamma monster called Madman. Partly because I liked the character and mostly because we've got another giant red problem in the Hulk books now.

Imagine my suprise when I saw that he was one those villains that confessed his love to his adversary. Being a fan of this type I would love to see some scans of the confession.

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One of the things people use to say that Doom is evil is how his Doombots brainwashed Kristoff into thinking he was Doom when Doom had been killed; the implication being that Doom himself had set this up as a contingency plan for if anything were to happen to him.

However, it turns out that back in 2007 John Byrne revealed over in his forums that "I intended Doom to return to Latvaria and absolutely FREAK OUT when he discovered what his robots had done to Kristoff. Basically -- he'd need a whole lot of new robots by the time he calmed down. And then he would devote a whole lot of time and energy to restoring Kristoff. (I had not decided if he would be successful. Part of my brain wanted him to realize he needed the help of the other smartest guy on the planet -- and there was no way he could ever go there!"

When another poster asked "If Doom himself hadn't laid the groundwork for Kristoff's transformation,how did his memories come to be stored in the brainwashing technology that the Doombots used?" John Byrne answered "Doom laid down the groundworks of the contingency plan, but he did not have Kristoff in mind for the vessel. Even Doom is not so cruel that he would do that to a child."


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