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The audience's attitudes towards certain subjects change as time progresses, so what might seem harmless or even amusing to a past audience comes across as offensive or even creepy by one of today! So, I thought that I'd gather up a few for your perusal.*

*Note: This isn't meant to make light of what they're doing or who they're doing it to, but rather pointing out how unpleasant and strange it is that SUPERHEROES are the ones doing it.

Part One: He's a jerk )
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Ever have one of those days where you just need a good cry? Want to read something that just cuts deep, but leaves you feeling refreshed for having felt something so strongly afterwards?

Yeah... I gotcha covered.

My top three. )

Share yours too. *sniff, sigh*

(Additional tags?: creator: ande parks, trigger warning: stds ??)

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As I announced in an earlier post, some of us have designated today Arrow Kids Day, a day meant to send DC a clear message that we want the Arrow family whole in the reboot. We picked today because it is the day JT Krul's first issue of Green Arrow is released, thereby launching the reboot of the Arrow family. As many of you also know, the current plans for this series are unlikely to include either Mia Dearden or Connor Hawke, the latter because he apparently ages Ollie up too much and the former because she tends to be more obscure. In addition, Lian Harper, Roy's daughter, has been confirmed not to exist, ostensibly because she also ages him up, nevermind that he had her when he was still Speedy.

But that's not going to happen if we have anything to say about it. Today, therefore, is a day not only to discuss and show your love for your favorites of the Arrow family, but also to let DC know that you love these characters, and you want them back. Send in a letter, post to their message board, tweet @jtrkul, @DCComics, @dc_nation and the like- hashtag #arrowkidsday preferred, if you can- anything else you can think of. The whole point of this day is to show how much we love these characters. So let's show how much we love these characters!
Legality behind the cut... )

EDITED TO ADD: Arrow Day Finale: An Open Letter to DC
daggerpen: I <3 this pairing so much, and yes, I know, there's, like, no canonocial basis. I don't care. (Connor/Jason)
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Okay, following up my previous "fan outcry for the Connor, Lian and Mia" post, I'm thinking it's time we all held an Arrow Kids day. The release date of the new Green Arrow issue seems like a good one to me, though I worry it's a bit soon.

So. What do you all say, then? 9/07/11 to demand our favorite Arrows back? I'm thinking just generally making some noise at DC will work- tweeting Krul (@JTKRul) and the general DC accounts (@DC_Nation, @DCComics), writing to DC, etc. will work. Some type of "I love _____ because ____" thing might work, too, both in the DC letters and just general signal boosting, though Twitter's char limit might be a bit of a pain.

Who's with me?

Legality behind the cut... )
daggerpen: I <3 this pairing so much, and yes, I know, there's, like, no canonocial basis. I don't care. (Connor/Jason)
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So, the reboot is looking pretty bad for the Arrow kids. There's no indication we'll have Mia anytime soon, Connor apparently "ages Ollie up" too much- nevermind that Bruce totally had time for four Robins and a ten-year-old kid and that Connor was born well before Ollie became Green Arrow- and, of course, Lian, who should also have been born before her father's current identity change, also apparently ages Roy up too much. Suffice to say, current plans don't hold much hope for these three.

Of course, plans can be changed.

TL;DR? Let's all spam DC. )
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This is a follow-up to my previous post about the Three of a Kind crossover featuring Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. This issue concludes the story with a criminal trial. Unlike the comic book trials I've read here before this one is pretty straightforward: no clones, no sidetracking, no questionable judgements, and what's more, it gives a rare glimpse into the legal status of superheroes in the DC universe.

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Good superheroes just can't get a break. Literally; when's the last time a superhero went on a vacation, a family outing or a honeymoon that didn't involve an alien invasion, supervillain plot, the kidnapping of a friend/partner, a terrorist attack and so on?

To illustrate, I show you the 1998 crossover Three of a Kind, published in three parts in Green Lantern #96, Green Arrow #130 and Flash #134 and written by Ron Marz, Chuck Dixon and Grant Morrison respectively.

Maybe they should just have gone by teleporter )
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So last time Star City was encased in a demonic bubble, and Mia killed a guy so that everything could go back to the way it was. What is going to happen this time? I dunno, lets look and find out. I think it's something big ;)

20 pages from 4 issues )
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So last time we saw how Mia was none to happy about him and Joanna. They made up though, and now things start to get really serious. Lets come take a look at what happens.

15 pages from 3 issues this way! )
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Last time I posted there was stuff with Mia flirting with Connor, wanting to be Speedy, and then Connor getting shot. So what happens this time? Lets find out! Now with a new writer!

16 pages from 4 different issues )
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Last time I posted, Connor popped up, Ollie and him fought demons or something and there was that whole Stanley and his Monster thing. Lets tune in and see what happens this time. :D

17 pages from green arrow 11-15 )


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