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I intended to post this before The Life of Captain Marvel #1.
SOLO AVENGERS #2 covers Hawkeye's origin, adding in the man who actually taught Clint Barton how to use a bow and arrow. It is written by Tom DeFalco with art by M.D. Bright.

Miserable childhood on line one )
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Tales of Suspense has so much subtext between Clint and Bucky and...I lowkey ship it. (I hate Jeremy Renner so screw that)

Anyway they're on a quest to find Natasha...the first Black Widow.
Tales of Suspense 101-102 )

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Conflict is needed for drama. And in a group, there is that one character who is around just to cause conflict with the other characters. WEST COAT AVENGERS #69 is an example of when there are two characters there just to cause conflict, and what happens when they fight each other.

Story by Roy Thomas, with art by Paul Ryan.


Grudge Match )


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