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Mar. 21st, 2017 01:28 pm
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Cosmopolitan: When it was first announced that Jennifer Walters would be taking over the Hulk title, was there any backlash from fans?

Mariko Tamaki: I haven’t seen any. Some people are immediately like, “Yes, this is gonna be it! We’re gonna do this! I’m super excited!” and some people are like, “We’ll see.” I think there’s a trepidation when a new person comes in and starts writing for a character, which I accept. I accept that trepidation, I understand it, I have the same trepidation when I see someone new is writing a hero or doing something different with a hero, but I think mostly people are just excited to see more Hulk.

Editor Mark Paniccia: This is one of those headlines that people see and it really sparks their interest. They see that Jennifer Walters, who’s been known as the She-Hulk for all this time, is stepping into a Hulk role. It makes them curious. They want to see what this is all about. This is an opportunity to take a really cool, interesting look at a character and do something completely different than we’ve ever done with her before. Really at the heart of it, this is a Hulk story. It’s man versus monster, but in this case it’s woman versus monster.

Mariko Tamaki: What could be better than woman versus monster?

- From an interview at Cosmopolitan

Story By: Mariko Tamaki
Art By: Nico Lean

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CBR: Overall what kind of tone do you want "Hellcat" to have? What I've read suggests this series will be a fun, character-driven, superhero comedy adventure. Is that a fair description?

Kate Leth: That's pretty much it! Fun is the name of the game. This is not grim-dark, self-serious stuff, although that doesn't mean we won't get real with it. It's an adventure book, a romance book, a crime-fighting book! It will have plenty of jokes, action, feelings and sweet fashions. I like to think of it as living in the "Squirrel Girl" and "Howard the Duck" family (especially with Canadian Authors and Adorable Artists), but with shades of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Real Life Woes in there.

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While Charlie Soule's story for She-Hulk has been interesting, lots of people have been put off by Javier Pulido's rather idiosyncratic art style and his really creepy eyed Jennifer.

Well, with issue #5 and fill in artist Ron Wimberly, I would say all is forgiven Javier.

Three Pages of looking at the Marvel Universe through a fish eye lens )
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Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!
Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night

Girls, y'all got one
A night that's special everywhere
From New York to Hollywood
It's ladies night and girl the feeling's good

Ahem, sorry, flashbacks to the music of my youth...

Rhiannon Owens (Click to go to her DeviantArt account) is an artist whose work I've enjoyed looking at in the past, and she has been doing some amazing work on sketchcards for Marvel. The following examples I found by casually browsing through e-bay...

Dangerous Beauty )

And also, an artist whose work is new to me, a watercolour artist who has a rather sophisticated fashion sense to boot is Kevin Wada

Designing Women )
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[personal profile] mistaeff requested scans of '70s Defenders, especially Hellcat, Nighthawk and Valkyrie, as he suspected there might be some bow-chicka-wow-wow vibes going on there. Digging through my collection, I found a few issues from around the time Hellcat first joined, and, guys be the judge?

A few bits from the Scorpio saga, which - don't even ask. )
And on to the big showdown, which spills over into the next two issues. A little less than 3 pages of a 17-page story here, for them that keep track of such stuff.

Tags ahoy! char: hellcat/patsy walker, char: nick fury, char: nighthawk/kyle richmond, char: scorpio/jacob fury (new tag), char: valkyrie/brunnhilde, creator: dan green (new tag), creator: david kraft (new tag), creator: keith giffen, group: defenders, publisher: marvel comics, title: defenders
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First time post! I'm so excited!

7 pages & selected panels worth of content from a fun cracky 23 page comic that's notoriously known for making almost as much sense out-of-context as it does in-context.
This is the 1st issue. It only gets more insane from here )

Suggested tags: char: hellcat/patsy walker, char: iron man/tony stark, char: beast/hank mccoy, creator: kathryn immonen, creator: david lafuente, publisher: marvel comics

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A preview, via Newsarama from the Marvel Digital Holiday Special, out tomorrow
It's canon now )
To be tagged with the title:marvel divas, character tags for Patsy Walker, monica rambeau, felicia hardy, angelica jones, and creator tags for Abby Denson, Sara Pichelli, Emily Warren, Kristyn Ferretti and Lauren Sankovitch

I'll also ask if somebody can direct me to the newspaper Sherlock Holmes comic strips? The ones that had Holmes out to catch a villain who preyed on filthy, penniless rent boys ("So, you know Holmes, try to wear some nicer clothes than you usually do"). It ended with him knocking over a bowl of oranges. Ring any bells?


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