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Last time, Parker Robbins tried to bust his cousin John out of police detention (magically electrocuting some FBI agents in the process), but John refused to go, and instead asked Parker to pawn their stolen diamond to hire a good lawyer.Read more... )
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Last issue, The Hood escaped with 1.5 million of stolen blood diamonds, but not until he accidentally shot a cop and his cousin John was arrested.Read more... )
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Since Foolkiller ended with the implication Frank Castle was about to shoot The Hood, and the general consensus was "good riddance", I thought I'd take us all back to a time before Parker Robbins was a lame magic Kingpin wannabe, with the MAX series that first introduced him, written by a pre-Runaways and Y: The Last Man Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Kyle Hotz.

Trigger warning for racism and sexist language.Read more... )
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I was just on CBR looking at previews and I noticed this little gem in Avengers #11. I just can't believe this wasn't done on purpose, what with the infinity gems giving one power over the world - any world really.

(If you're confused as to what I mean, look at Rhulk's dialogue)

Also, am I the only who thinks Uatu is looking a little fat?

Maybe he's overeating to compensate for his inability to intervene and aid the Marvel Universe. Then again if my species forbid me from helping out those in need (and I happened to be capable of pretty much anything) I'd probably develop a vice myself.

So to finish Rhulk's line for him "He's got the gems in his hands! He's got THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS!"

P.S: I've made Uatu the Fat one my new icon, as it is the only one I've seen so far that makes me laugh as much as my "death scrunchie" Delphyne.
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Greetings True Believers.

The comics world was dealt a heavy blow yesterday. Dwayne McDuffie passed away.

In honor of him and at the request of others, I'm posting some of my favorites from his body of work. Scans from the Beyond! mini-series.

RIP and godspeed Mr. McDuffie.

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Greetings True Believers! Here are three scans from Avengers: The Initiative #35.

Tigra puts one final smackdown on The Hood. Spoilers and enjoy!

Suggested tags: char: tigra/greer grant, char: hood/parker robbins, title: avengers the initiative, event: siege, publisher: marvel comics, creator: christos gage, creator: jorge molina

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Greetings True Believers!

Very little else needs to be said about these four pages from Thor #609.

Behold! Balder the Brave! Balder the Bright!

Suggested Tags: char: balder the brave, char: loki, char: hood/parker robbins, title: thor. event: siege, publisher: marvel comics, creator: kieron gillen, creator: billy tan

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Images behind the cut. )

creator: christos gage,creator: jorge molina, title: avengers the initiative,char: night thrasher/donyell taylor,char: tigra/greer grant,char: hood/parker robbins,publisher: marvel comics


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