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MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #88 was a reprint of INCREDIBLE HULK #138. It has the Hulk and the Sandman both talking to each other underwater. And "Sub-Mariner" is mispronounced.


That's not how you pronounce Sub-Mariner! )
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The letterer for Groo, the illustrator for 47 Ronin, the creator/writer/illustrator/letterer/inker/authority supreme for Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai has found the time to do some one-offs too. According to the man himself, he worked on a short Hulk story called "Oni", a "Peanuts" strip, an interlude in "Queen and Country". I also found a Star Wars story, and somebody in a forum mentioned a Rocketeer and a Grendel story.

I was unable to find the "Queen and Country", "Peanuts", "Grendel" and "Rocketeer" excerpts, but I do have the Hulk and the Star Wars stories to share below.

Banner-yielder is hit by Gama's rays )


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