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Since she's returned to comics after a lengthy absence (last seen being drugged by Tim Drake after eating some chocolates he'd doped, I think it was) I thought that it'd be fun to post some bits of Lady Shiva injuring people out of context.

If only because she's more interesting than Deathstroke, despite filling the same niche as him (only she got where she as by hard graft, while he cheats by having explicit superpowers) while having an actual code of conduct instead of just pretending to have one these days.

So here we go!
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This issue of Birds of Prey was really good, and full of kickass moments. I highly recommend getting it. Also, no more Benes artwork! I don't know if it was that the story got a lot better all of a sudden, or if his pencils detracted so much from my enjoyment of the comic, but this issue was back to almost feeling like the old Birds of Prey.

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In part 1 Tim travelled to Paris to study with the Rahul Lama, met a girl called Ling, and ended up rescuing Clyde Rawlins from Ling's gang, the Ghost Dragons.

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Since Tim will be travelling to Hong Kong again in the next issue of Red Robin, I thought it might be nice to post an old story that also took place there. This is from one of Tim's early Robin miniseries, before the title became an ongoing. Although the story ends with Tim preventing an outbreak of bubonic plague in Hong Kong, the first issue is set in France.

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