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Jamie McKelvie posted some preview pages of Young Avengers #1 showing Kate and Noh-Varr (I shall dub them "Kano." And yes, I know that is the name of a villain in Mortal Kombat. That you could make that a portmanteau couple name is amusing to me.)

Kano )
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In AVENGERS #27, the Protector (Noh-Varr) takes a piece of the Phoenix Force to Hala. Which he got by betraying the group of Avengers that went to "confront" the Phoenix Force.

Earth is not considered Mostly Harmless by the Kree. )
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Comixology's Marvel Half off Monday sale this week includes Illuminati. Yes, the entire Bendis/Cheung series is available for the princely sum of $4.95 (or £3something).

I know that I've already posted 4 pages from this issue already, and it's 4 very funny pages. It's the time that Bendis's Bendisisms actually worked and is some of the funnest and funniest Marvel stuff that I've read.

However, there's still a fair bit of gravitas and serious stuff in the series. To be honest, I can't think of any of Bendis' Avengers stuff that's come close to this quality in recent years, except for the Sentry/Norman Osborn chat that ended with them going to Five Guys Burgers

Each issue of the series tied in to an event or character in Marvel history.
#1 was the Illuminati sorting out the Skrulls, thus guaranteeing a Secret Invasion
#2 was the Illuminati collecting the Infinity Gems (how did that recent Avengers storyline finish?
#3 was the Illuminati versus the Beyonder
#4 was the Illuminati doing their Sex and the City chat and then trying to put Marvel Boy on the straight and narrow by smashing his head into a stone wall
and #5 was the reveal that one of the Illuminati was a Skrull.

This comes from #4, where Reed Richards is giving Marvel Boy a pep-talk. )

And Mods, are we having another 30 days theme this winter?


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