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'Yeah, I'm a huge fan of "Wanted."' - Chris Yost

Enter the region of Battleworld known as... KILLVILLE.

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Nikoleta Harrow's story largely was Marvel Knights: Hulk.

(That wasn't a bad thing; the Hulk's suited to playing a reactive role.)

The four-issue Joe Keatinge/Piotr Kowalski mini opened with Bruce Banner face down in the Seine. A lady pulled him out and took him home to her uncle's spare apartment. The next day, she took him to a bar for a drink.

There, two men on his trail confronted him. Amnesiac, he fled; determined, they followed.

On their boss's orders, they injected themselves with a green serum that transformed them into towering Hulks. They pursued Banner through the streets and the Metro, catching his subway car and hurling it into the Louvre.

Then they exploded.

Bruce, the only survivor, was taken into the police's custody.

Then he was explosively abducted by Nikoleta Harrow, who took him off to her base in Pripyat and tried to make him turn into the Hulk she needed.

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Hulk #38

Aug. 4th, 2011 10:45 pm
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In my earlier post about this issue we could have had a battle on four fronts.

Red Hulk.


The Serpent's forces (Angrir/Ben Grimm + Nazi war mech)


Modok and his forces (Zzax + LMD robots)


Zero/One and her forces (Black Fog and her own mutations)

with no one else in NYC to stop them.

Guess how this goes down?

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I do love me some art jams, and the crackier the better. Stuff like Hey Oscar Wilde, It's Clobberin' Time and Drawergeeks really get me interested, so when I found March M.O.D.O.K. Madness, well I just had to share, didn't I?

There's some great art there, by folks like Ryan Dunlavey, Paul Gilligan and Ryan Estrada, plus a whole heap of others. Go check it out, there's loads of M.O.D.O.K. goodness (badness? evilness?) to check out.

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