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The shocking spoilers to #14, as Mister Sinister and his clone army is good and ready for the Phoenix Five from AvX.

Red. )
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ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #14, as we finally see how one of the villains deals with the arrival of Gatchamen... I mean the Phoenix Five.

Or not...., as we see a perfect society in action.

It does a body good. )
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I am actually really liking this book. So few things surprise me any more... this one actually did.... i am also liking Cyclops' mission statement...

WEll that said...
Three things in Uncanny X-Men #1 that surprised me.... )
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I was going to post a page from X-Factor that I couldn't believe hadn't already been put up, what with it being awesomely Relevant To Your Interests. Then I realised it wasn't up because it was Peter David, and I was sad. ETA: And there's a discussion of it on No_Scans, yay!

Instead, have a great Overly Long Gag from (where else?) Cable and Deadpool. Two pages from issue 17 behind the cut: )


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