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Spider-Man: Reign is in my opinion one of the more underrated Spidey stories out there. There's a bit of a "all there is to know about 'The Crying Game'" twist that's overshadowed the rest of the story. It's also been derided as a knock off The Dark Knight Returns (and the similarities are acknowledged with a character called 'Miller Janson') but in my opinion all they have in common is the concept of an aging superhero being called out of retirement. Simply put, Spider-Man and Batman are two very different characters -- you're not going to see Spider-Man as a hardened vigilante beating the crap out of Captain America. They're also products of two different periods; TDKR takes place during the Cold War, while Reign (although the connection is not as explicit) draws parallels with a post-9/11 America.

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Spiderman's current arc, Ends of the Earth, continues. ComicBookResources has the preview, as the two show-offs from the Sinister Six flex their artistic muscles.

The soap opera-in-spandex continues. We now resume "As the World Burns"....

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yes, it's time for Spider-Man to clear the next hurdle in the Gauntlet: all-new, all-better Mysterio!

He hasn't gotten a power-up, however; he's merely modified his modus operandi. His gambits and misdirections are now at the service of others; just as he helped Norman Osborn fake Harry's death, he also helped dissatisfied Maggia elements stage a coup using a Silvermane robot... then turned around and killed those elements.

Now he's the one running the show, and he's pitting the Maggia against Negative's men at some dock warehouse, ostensibly to help the former crush the latter.

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The new Ultimate Mysterio looks a lot like an older Mysterio, namely the one that appeared in Media Blizzard, one of the few "Ben Reilly as Spider-Man" stories that didn't involve Peter Parker.

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