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Marshall Rogers and Steve Englehart were in a select group of people that revitalized Batman in the 1970s. The pairing of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams was first and probably more famous, but the artist Rogers and writer Englehart had a highly influential short run on Batman during the mid-70s that more or less defined how the character was written and drawn well into the 21st century.

Englehart and Rogers were something of a dynamic duo themselves, working together on a mid-70s revival of Miracle Man for a while, as well one of DC's earliest direct distribution comics (the one-shot Madam Xanadu) and on early indie comic Coyote for Eclipse. Their longest run together, however, was on a mid-80s revamping of the Silver Surfer.

From his first appearance in 1966 to the printing of this story in 1987 (Silver Surfer vol 3, #1), the Surfer had been trapped on Earth. Englehart had a penchant for cosmic-scale stories and spent issue one of the new series liberating Galactus' ex-herald so he could get down to writing some. After hearing that his ex-boss' new gofer, Nova, has been captured by the Skrulls in an attempt to weaponize the World-Eater by extorting him into eating the Kree Empire, the Surfer uses a temporary escape from Earth to negotiate his permanent release. Nova has been stashed in a facility with plotnecessitium vibranium walls that are primed to blow if damaged. Slow and ponderous as he is, Galactus will only kill Nova if he tries to rescue her. The Surfer is a different matter, though. If he gets Nova back, Galactus promises to stop acting like a spoiled child and will let him go on his way.

This leads to a virtuoso stretch of pencilling from Rogers, whose background before coming into comics was in architectural drawing. His sci-fi buildings always rather looked like real buildings, and for this he basically "plotted out" a Skrull facility for...well, look at it yourself:

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Marvel's Ladies Year, as previously discussed, is turning out seriously hit and miss. We've had a couple of posts for Heralds (and we know that stubbleupdate wasn't keen), but I don't think it's had enough love yet!

The book was a five-issue mini (written by Kathryn Immonen, this part pencilled by Tonji Zonjic) featuring Monica Rambeau, Valkyrie, Emma Frost, Agent Brand, She-Hulk, Hellcat, Sue Storm kind of, and a new character (who I'll be introducing later) teenaged waitress (redheaded! Hey Marvel!) Frances. It also brings back Frankie Raye: Nova, Herald of Galactus. Frankie's been dead, and she's a bit messed up and only partially present - a tiny fragment of her has been hidden in Frances since she was fourteen, and now the fragment has gotten out and found its way to ex-boyfriend Johnny Storm. Dreamscape possession time! In my opinion, this whole seven-page sequence from issue three is rad, but only three pages are included here.

Inside the minds of fake-married Frankie and Johnny )

Great, right? I don't know if or when Heralds will be coming out in trade, but, cross your fingers or look out backissues, huh?
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This'll be my last post on S_D for the foreseeable future. S_D hasn't felt the same for a while, though I know some of that can't be helped. And after recent events I don't feel as comfortable posting here. I'm also a lot busier in real life.

Anyway, my last post will be one of my favorite comic book battles, between Galactus and the In-Betweener. Galactus is so powerful that it's unusual to see him fighting someone like this, which always made it stand out to me.

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Galactus lay dying and Reed Richards can't just leave well enough alone...

anyway, hottie page to start!

warning for personal TMI .

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