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In four pages.

1) Pepper's love life
2) Mandarin's story
3) Tony+Ezekiel

And for your reference, it has apparently been 6+ months since Tony was captured by the Mandarin.

This is a cut. It tastes just like raisins.  )
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Remember that thing that happened before all those big events started, where Tony was stressing over a mole in his company?

Apparently, so does Marvel.

Finally, after the many world-Avenger-related crises Tony's had to face, he's able to have a meeting.

4 pages from Invincible Iron Man 511, with Stark Resilient and a thickening plot... and lawsuits. )

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 *cough* So my post on Stark Resilient from Invincible Iron Man 502 had its silly speculations about certain things.... certain relationships....
And I was right, apparently. Spoilers are spoilers because I'm not in the mood to skirt around the news. 

And proof Tim Cababa's a true Filipino.... he does a lot of work and doesn't get credit for it! Pfft, yeah, I'm sorry, but it's true,.

Three separate pages from 503. They're gay, they're together. Also, Tony's a douche, but I'm not gonna present that today.  )
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I picked up Invincible Iron Man 501 and 502 just for the heck of it last time I went looking, and honestly bought them because I'm a freak who makes a point of picking up comics with Filipino characters in them...

But anyway....

 I may not be the right one to ask, but so far, as I've gathered, Tony's looking for a mole in his operation which I no longer understand since it spanned 502 freaking issues...

(this is about the minor characters, btw, so no major major spoilers about Tony himself. It's more about L. Pimacher, Tim Cababa and a bit of Pepper)

Also, Pepper be bad! )

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At the request of Jazzypom, here's Kate Kildare's contribution to Awesome New Female Character Week. You might know her from her recent stint in Uncanny X-Men, where she was hired to represent the X-men (the Astonishing X-men shared a publicist with Captain America, but there's no news on what's happened to her.)

Kate came from The Order where she was introduced to the title in #2. )

But who is Kate Kildare? #5 goes into her backstory )

If you haven't already, go out and buy The Next Right Thing. I swear, it is the best Marvel team book published in the last five years. And I say that as a man who is reading Hickman's Fantastic Four.

IIM #23

Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:41 pm
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So, in the previously posted preview, Maria and Pepper each found out that the other had slept with Tony during-


Sorry, momentary rage blackout at remembering that arc. Anyway, they found out. Two pages of quietly seething fallout (and not one, but two truly hilarious Pepper!Faces) under the cut.

Read more... )

tags: char: maria hill, char: pepper potts, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca
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Three scans from Invincible Iron Man #22.

Read more... )


char: iron man/tony stark, char: pepper potts, char: maria hill, char: dr. strange/stephen strange, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca, title: invincible iron man, publisher: marvel comics


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