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And Joe Phillips is always ready to oblige gawdblessim.

Normally, I'd wait for the weekend for this, but after the rather blatant efforts on "Red Hood and the Outlaws" I think we need a little counterbalancing action, don't you?

I'm indebted to northstarfan for pointing out a site to me, where Joe has a gallery showcasing his "Beefcake Heroes" collection (Warning, vaguely NSFW... unless your place of work doesn't mind you ogling guys getting their tops off on company time in which case... you lucky bugger you!)

NSFW - Subtlety has left the building! )

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Title: Alpha Flight #101 - "Death and How To Live It" (Marvel, 1991, 22 pages)
Creators: Fabian Nicieza (writer) and Tom Morgan (art)
Availability: Out of Print

So the Avengers and Alpha Flight had recently teamed up to fend off an alien invasion of Canada (although not the property damage that tends to come along with these things), but despite driving off the menace, the fight's not over yet...

Receive the gift! )

For some reason, this got a lot funnier once I had a couple of Incredible Herc trades under my belt. ;)
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There's been some interesting stuff coming out of the Fault Black Bolt's Terrigen bomb made happen, like Starstalker and criminal gangs of Mindless Ones (led by the Minded One.)

There's been some interesting people coming around that fracture in spacetime, like the Sphinx being portentous and abducting people to a construct world.

So, then, what interesting stuff and people lie INSIDE the Fault?

Last November's Realm of Kings one-shot, by Abnett and Lanning, gives us one answer to that question.  )
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This rather nice piece is by Greg Capullo for another Marvel Swimsuit issue, and features Wendell Vaughn in his cosmic-awareness speedo's (Hell, looking at that I know I have a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, the world we live in) taking a day off from protecting the universe in a suitably wholesome way (Wendell could give Steve Rogers lessons in down-home charm)

Protector of the Universe )


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