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Ten years ago, Scans_Daily was first treated to the adventures of "Batman and Sons", by the artist known as The Black Cat. Sort of inspired by Tiny Titans, but going in it's own awesome directions very quickly, it's the story of Batman raising three Robin's and a Batman Beyond at the same time, and I realised that newer members of the board might not be familiar with them, and frankly, every Bat-Family fan should.

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I know it's not everyone's holiday, but it's mine and it does get me in a kind of sentimental mood... And it also tends to bring that out in fan-artists too, and it's always fun to share such things. So to start with we go to the Batfamily!

This is by tumblr user Tuluxi who kindly agreed for this rather sweet little narrative to be shared.

Do you want to build a sn... Actually, no I'm not going to go down THAT road when it comes to titles.... )
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And Jason 1.0

Saw some original art from this issue online and realisd I'd always meant to share the issue. It's a minor story in many ways, Doug Moench writing the first of a sort of two part story which isn't major or "important", but to share Don Newton pencils with Alfredo Alcala inks and Adrienne Roy colours, is always a pleasure.

371 00.jpg

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Before Bane was ever conceived, there was another villain who "broke the Bat". Deacon Blackfire, from 1988's The Cult. Who, despite having no real powers, is frighteningly successful purely by appealing to the worst emotions of those around him. It goes about as well as you'd expect...
TW: Blood, death, hanging.
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Not in the stuff and serve for dinner sense I hasten to add, but they are the usual birds to see on Christmas cards and imagery.

So every year, I feel the need to extend the metaphor a little! :)

I did consider reposting from the Joker/Robin classic "Slay Ride", but in light of recent events in Germany, that seemed to be inappropriate

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Apparently the phrase 'Dark Trinity' is less confrontational and more contemplative, as in 'three people making a life beyond the shadow of their betters'. Better save that "Trinity fights Dark Trinity" plot at run's end, creative team.
Plus, what's Jason's reaction to Tim's death? Check it!
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The Rebirth issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws features Jason Todd to the exclusion of the other two new members of the team; Bizarro and Artemis (The Amazon 90's replacement for Diana as Wonder Woman one) to create the "Slightly warped Trinity" team.

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At least for a little while...

As I ponder the UK's bewildering referendum decision to leave the European Union I may need to retreat into silliness (it helps deaden the disappintment and pain).

Weirdly enough, my first foray into that is going to be via Jason Todd, in a classic romance comic situation.... kinda....

Red Hood and Arsenal #13 )


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