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Welcome to day 6 of [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter celebration! Today's topic is Silent Comics!

Comics are, by definition, a visual medium, the sequential juxtaposition of images. And while they typically tell stories with words just as much as pictures, sometimes those words aren't needed at all.

Gotham Central included a couple particularly strong examples... )

So what are your favorite silent comics scenes or issues?
And stay tuned for tomorrow, when our topic will be Young Adult comics!
you can see our full 30 Days of Winter schedule here
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As of today, the Blackest Night revival of Phantom Stranger is now a month old, and therefore no longer a recent comic. I figured this is the perfect occasion for sharing the as-yet unposted tie-in.

Eight out of twenty-before pages. )
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So, I kind've dropped all my other posts during Holiday Times, and took some time to recover from it (mostly due to a Phoenix Wright binge), but after a certain subpar release of his his week, I really needed something better of Rucka's to read and share (this'd be so much easier if my LCS would actually get in Stumptown already).

So let's enjoy 'Tec #'s 758 & 759, written by Greg Rucka, with art by Shawn Martinbrough and Steve Mitchell! (7 1/3 pages from each) )

Next time, Sasha runs the same gantlet to be expected of any of his street-level types, teaming up with Huntress!

Also, just a reminder, if you're planning to contribute to the Scans_Daily Boom De Yada Project, or you need to back out for any reason, I've received a number of submissions already, but there are so many still missing!

suggested tags:
char: batman/bruce wayne, char: sasha bordeaux, char: question/renee montoya, char: spectre/crispus allen, creator: greg rucka, creator: shawn martinbrough, title: detective comics, publisher: dc comics
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In last week's post about Paul Sloane--the second Two-Face--[personal profile] lbd_nytetrayn asked if Paul's made any appearances since his brief return in 1987. The answer is yes(ish), thanks to the generally-great Ed Brubaker.

In early 2003, while "Hush" was well underway in BATMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS writer Ed Brubaker penned his own six-part murder mystery that tied together all of Batman's rogues in a secret conspiracy to kill the caped crusader. And unlike "Hush," which brought in a brand-new character to fulfill the double-cliches of being "long lost childhood best friend" and "totally obvious red herring," Brubaker dusted off the concept of Paul Sloane for "Dead Reckoning," but with a modern twist. In doing so, he created a far more interesting original villain than Hush himself, one with tons of potential who, of course, hasn't been seen nor mentioned since.

For that and many other reasons, I lament that this story was utterly ignored in favor of "Hush." Not that this story isn't without its flaws--oh my, it has them--but we'll get to those inside.

If anyone actually still uses dial-up, then beware! 21 pages behind the cut! )

If this story had a more appropriate artist, or a superstar on par with Tim Sale or Jim Lee, I can't help but wonder if it might have gotten far more attention. For all its flaws, I think this is still a superior story than "Hush," even if much of the superiority comes from untapped potential. But I'll let you decide when I post the finale later today.
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This post is filling [ profile] kingrockwell's request for Jim Gordon interacting with people who aren't Batman and Robin, but I really love this book, so I might babble a little. Or, you know, a lot.


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